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Help! Seminal discharge after urination
taj725 posted:
All. Need some help. For the past few weeks, I've been bothered by some issues. Hope you can help. I have had seminal discharge after urination and also after bowel movements. No sex before and no eriction directly before. This can occur during my business day. This am I had two erections about 5 and 7 am, but no sex. I had a bowel movement and urinated. When I finished, I had a sudden urge to urinate and when I went to, I discharged seminal fluid. Thanks, and Happy Holidays! taj
counterso responded:
The first question would be "How do you know it's seminal fluid?" There are multiple things that could cause a white discharge of fluid from your penis, presuming this is what lead you to the conclusion you drew.

The normal analysis here would be to see a urologist with a sample of this discharge you are reporting taken with you. First it needs to be determined whether this is actually semen, or if it's something else.

If it is, the doctor will help you determine what's going on to either cause a retrograde ejaculation that is being emptied after you urinate, or if there is a nerve problem triggering an ejaculation after something stimulates your prostate (urination or bowel movement).

The main thing is that you need to determine what this substance really is. There's a possibility of an infection, or even white sludge from early kidney stone formation. Regardless, it's time for an appointment with a urologist.
taj725 replied to counterso's response:
Counterso. Thanks for you insight. I'll make an appointment ASAP.
Anon_60492 replied to taj725's response:
I know this was a while ago, but I'm curious as to what you may have found out. I am having the same thing happen to me. Weirdest ever!
counterso replied to Anon_60492's response:
Anon_60492, you must see a urologist to determine what the substance is. Guessing is a useless pursuit when it is incredibly easy to find out for sure by visiting the urologist and then to deal with the specific circumstance causing the issue.

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