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Urine and baking soda?
jsr0316 posted:
So my wife is pregnant and decided that she was going to do a gender prediction test she found online that involved peeing in a cup and adding some baking soda if it fizzed (like when you combine baking soda and vinegar) it was a boy and if not it was a girl.

She decided that I needed to do the test as well, I'm not sure why. I did it to make her happy and when we added the baking soda to my urine it fizzed. Now I can't stop wondering why this happened and if this "test" could be an indication of anything.

I assume it has something to do with my eating habits, and was hoping someone could offer some insight if this means there is something in my diet I may need to change.
FCL responded:
Baking soda fizzes when mixed with anything acidic. Your urine is probably simply slightly acidic (you can always do a home test with litmus paper to see how acidic it is).

There are HUNDREDS of gender prediction tests ... I, wouldn't hold much store by this one . After all, you have a 50-50 chance of being "right" no matter what the test you use.
counterso responded:
This "test" is completely bogus! There is only ONE way to determine the gender of the fetus. Go see your obstetrician. I can't believe such a ridiculous legend exists.
FCL replied to counterso's response:
You might be surprised at how many of these things are out there ... and they are all sillier than the next one. And there is not just ONE way of determining the gender, it can be done via ultrasound, via amnio, and via CVS.
counterso replied to FCL's response:
FCL, one way being "see the doctor."
FCL replied to counterso's response:
Quite so but you don't HAVE to see an ob to get an ultrasound done ... there are places (often places specializing in 3D imagery) that do them without doctor's orders.

Besides, the point of the OP wasn't how to find out the sex of the baby it was "why does my urine make baking soda fizz?"

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