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Testicular Pain/Cord Stripping
ah01976 posted:
--Hi, all. In March, I am going to see my Urologist to see about getting the above procedure done. I've taken virtually all the pain/nerve medications to stop this pain I've had in my testicles for over two years now. No pain med seems to really help. I have also had a cord block done with gave me relief, but for only two weeks or so. So now, I hope this "Cord Stripping" will help. For all of you guys that have had this procedure done, what is your experience with it?

--Finally, I am having trouble finding much info. about cord stripping on the internet. I would like to read about all the steps involved, even pictures, recovery time, and maybe even an F.A.Q. as well. Please tell me ANYTHING I might need/want to know.

--Thanks for your help.
counterso responded:
Unfortunately this Exchange is not monitored in the way that a forum where lots of people hang out might read daily questions and answer you. Your question is quite unique, and unfortunately I doubt you will get any reply at all with information useful to you. I suggest you direct your questions to your urologist's office. The nurse there should be able to direct you to information that will set your expectations. The internet doesn't know everything, and this uncommon procedure is one of those things it doesn't know.

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