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Urethral sphincter (my guess...) bleeding
An_243458 posted:
I seem to have a condition for which I can get little understanding or certainty of a diagnosis.

When I was in my mid-20s (and after having 2 children), I began to have a problem with bleeding while urinating. It did not hurt to urinate or to hold my urine in my bladder. It was only when I tried to STOP urinating (such as when I was finished) and I felt the urethral sphincter contract that I would feel a sharp pain. When I would wipe, there would be blood on the tissue paper. I saw several urologists who treated me for "recurrent UTI" but could not understand what was causing it. One urologist finally decided I had interstitial cystitis. I strongly disagreed as my symptoms did not match any of the classic symptoms of IC. The problem then suddenly stopped.

Now it has been over 10 years later and, today, I find the same symptom. I have been healthy with no illness. Very low blood pressure. I'm about 5'7" and weigh about 123 lbs. Very healthy, fit, and NO UTIs in the past decade. No kidney stones, nada... I did donate a kidney to someone in 2005 but have had great, healthy protein levels which are checked yearly. The only change has been in the past 2 weeks when I started using a kegelmaster to strength my pbc muscles. In the past couple of days, I have noticed a small discomfort when I do the kegels, but no bleeding or anything I felt serious concern over.

Would or could kegels cause a tear or something similar in the urethral sphincter muscles? I really feel like my problem has something to do with that muscle group because I don't seem to feel any pain or bleeding until these muscles are being contracted. Since this started today, I have also noticed urine leaking (quite a bit, actually) along with the bleeding. Before this pain/bleeding started today, I did not have ANY trouble with incontinence or leaking urine.

Can anyone give me any insight into what you think might be going on?
counterso responded:
Well, you don't have IC, nor should you ever have been suspected of having a UTI. Men hardly ever get either thing, and none of your symptoms should have lead any urologist to think so.

It sounds as though you may have some issue with the bladder neck. I'm surprised that your urologist(s) would have quit so easily. Although they could have been being polite and "indulging" your complaint, figuring you weren't telling them the truth, their overall lackadaisical assessment doesn't seem reasonable.

There could be several things going on, and none of them particularly easy to sort through without a thoughtful and lucky urologist. I say lucky, because some causes can be very difficult to detect.

So, not in any particular order, some of the things that could be going on might be related to a small skin tag in your urethra that gets tears when you strain (like trying to stop flow), weak blood vessel walls (do the sides of your tongue look scalloped when you stick out your tongue?), a parasite, you might be an avid cyclist, a pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, an abnormality in your bladder neck, chronic but mild kidney or prostate stone formation (smaller than sand sized), or chronic anxiety.

Now, there are a lot more questions to ask that might help narrow the field, but those are just a short list of things that could lead to some of the symptoms you described. And then, it might be none of those things.

Yes, straining the muscles in your pelvic region could cause pain and bleeding if you have an abnormality in the lining of your urethra like a skin tag, or some other kind of irritation. That's not conclusive, but just an example.

Urine leakage is usually attributed to a prostate issue or bladder neck issue, however it can also be the result of anxiety.

So, you have a lot of possible sources of your issue, and not enough information to narrow it down very well right now. What do you think might be related?
TJPressler replied to counterso's response:
my bad.... I feel like an idiot. I did not realize this was a forum for men only. I saw the title "urology" and didn't realize it was gender specific.

I am not a male....

But thank you for the time you took to reply to my post.
counterso replied to TJPressler's response:
Pardon me, it was a faulty assumption. This is not specifically a men's forum, however questions from men dominate the conversation here. Since you made no mention, it was likely to assume you were male. I apologize that was incorrect.

Regardless, if you subtract the "men" part and mention of possible prostate stones, the remainder still applies.

Have you been examined for a pelvic floor disorder or bladder prolapse that may be contributing to the leakage? Bleeding is always considered an emergency situation, although it often turns out not to be a sinister cause. Let's not let this go unresolved.
An_258371 responded:
Hi! I am having the exact same symptoms today and I am healthy with low blood pressure and what you say exactly describes my symptoms. I've never had any children, but I am also female. It just started today ... never before did I have any problems. Have you found any more answers to this?
counterso replied to An_258371's response:
Hello An_258371,

If you are having the bleeding symptoms you need to urgently see a urologist. I hope you already did this two days ago when you posted your message. This is not something for self-diagnosis. This is urgently requiring medical attention. Bleeding is not normal and you should not just wait to see if the situation improves.

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