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internal lump of right testicle
harley1234 posted:
I need some imput i have a lump the size of a pebble or a bit larger on the inside of my right testicle it is had to urinate and it is tender i have noticed it for about two weeks any ideas of what it may be ?
Eugenio311 responded:
You need to see a urologist as soon as you can. Chances are good that it's nothing serious, but on the outside chance that it is something serious, time is of the utmost importance.
PJMartinez responded:
i have the same thing but on the left, but it's never really bother me or given me any problems urinating.
counterso replied to PJMartinez's response:
It doesn't have to have any symptoms to be worrisome. Any lump that was not always there is concerning and should be examined by a urologist. A soft lump may be as simple as a hydrocele (collection of water like a blister), but a hard lump is an immediate warning to check for cancer. Better to know. If it's causing pain it's an emergency. If it's not causing pain, just get it checked out in the next few weeks.
peleliu replied to counterso's response:
I have the same thing on the right and the MD and urologist both say it is just a small sebaceous cyst and nothing to worry about.
counterso replied to peleliu's response:
A cyst is in the skin (scrotum), not on the testicle.They are not the same.
Sheldon_Marks_MD responded:
I agree with the other posts that any and every abnormality of the testicle must be seen by a urologist. Rarely, they can be a testicular tumor and early detection makes a world of difference.
kents1979 replied to peleliu's response:
how could they tell?
GaMale770 responded:
Hey Harley,

Approximately 10 years ago just before I was to have my vasectomy, I was lying in bed one night giving myself a self examination of the testicles and I noticed a small pea size lump in my testicles as well. I immediately called my Urologist and ask him to put a hault to the vasectomy until I was able to have them that looked at.

He then scheduled for me to have an ultrasound done and turns out it was Epiditimitis of some sort. Said it was noting to be too concerned about especially since I wasn't experiencing any pain.

To date, I have no pain and the small pea size lump is still there along with the clips they put at the ends of my Vas Deferens during the vasectomy.

In any case, I would definitely go see a Urologist too make sure it's nothing serious.

counterso replied to kents1979's response:
By starting with a TSE (testicular self examination, you can look up the technique online), you can regularly check for changes in your testicles. If something new is discovered, bring it to the attention of a urologist and they can also feel the testicle by hand first, then do an ultrasound to determine what type of disturbance the nodule is made from. Further action is determined by what is causing the change, such as fluid, inflammation, tumor, etc.

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