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Is it possible to have a long-lasting, mild, urinary tract Infection?
balokf posted:
22 years old

I don't smoke, drink, do drugs, or even drink soda (just water and sometimes a cup of orange juice in the morning). I have a fairly normal diet (I eat a lot of home cooked meals).

For more than 6 years I've always felt a mild burning sensation after urinating, and sometimes my urine has a white cloudiness to it (I know this from pulling my foreskin back while cleaning the remaining urine with a piece of toilet paper after urinating). I also tend to go to the bathroom a little more than average (e.g. I go to the bathroom at least 4-5 times at night when I'm reading in bed or working on my laptop).

I'm now beginning to realize that this problem is making me feel more self-conscious and uncomfortable while in public. I have to urinate before working out or going out in public.
balokf responded:
I'm also never satisfied after urinating. I can always make myself urinate again if I try hard enough (these urinations are equivalent to the ones a person does while still doing #2).
counterso responded:
This urinary frequency is not normal. You should see a urologist. It's not clear whether you are very muscular or simply overweight, and this (urinary issue) can contribute or be suspect of a diabetic condition also. Either way, the point is that it is not normal and you should speak to your doctor about the situation. There's likely something obvious that your conversation will reveal that is not present in your description.
counterso replied to balokf's response:
It is not normal to have urine escape while defecation. It sounds like you may have a urine retention issue, which can be more likely to cause infection and other problems. It is also important for you (Balokf) to be checked by your doctor. In this case more specifically a urologist.

In the meantime, it is not a good idea to strain to urinate. You can cause problems by straining hard to void your bladder. Since you are already aware of the unusual sensation, it's time to do something about it.

It's possible that you have an enlarged prostate, or perhaps some other issue. Without more information it is impossible to guess with any accuracy.
counterso responded:
I realized that I didn't address the question hiding in the subject of this post. No, you cannot have a long-lasting low-grade urinary infection. A male UTI is always both very rare and extremely dangerous. Left untreated it will become a kidney infection within weeks usually requiring hospitalization, and with the risk of death.

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