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Orange gel like substance in ejaculate
An_244083 posted:

MALE, 31

Existing Medical Problems
- High Blood Pressure ( treated with 20mg Benazepril 12.5mg HCTZ)[br>
First, I would like to start that I do not have health insurance at this time so seeing a doctor has been very difficult.

The Problem

The following problem was first noticed in July 2011 and has continued as of 03/11/2012.

I have noticed several orange gel like solids in my ejaculate. None of these solids have been found in my urine. They have ONLY been found in my ejaculate. It seems the MORE OFTEN I engage in sexual activity the LESS of these gel solids I find. The LONGER I go WITHOUT sexual activity the MORE of these gel solids I find and the more PAINFUL it is to pass them. I have no history of sexual transmitted diseases and have had the same sexual partner for 15 years..

Main Symptoms
- Painful ejaculation (from orange solids)
- Orange gel solids in ejaculate

- No orange solids in URINE
- No lower back pain
- No blood in ejaculate
- No erection difficulties

I would like to post a picture on here of the orange substance but it looks as though I cannot do that. However, I will be more than happy to email the picture at request..

If you can give me an idea what may be causing the problem that will be great. I already know I have to see a doctor but I hope to find a sliver of the answer before my health insurance kicks in.. Thank you so much for you advice.
counterso responded:
You cannot post pictures in forums.
Your problem is not uncommon and is typically a sign of chronic dehydration. You need to drink a lot more water.

That said, your doctor would NOT consider this an issue unless the globules become large enough to be painful as they exit.
counterso replied to counterso's response:
I just read your note again and noticed that your DID say they were painful. Sorry, but you need to see a urologist now. No waiting. And you cannot use insurance as an excuse.
gknox2 replied to counterso's response:
I tried to see a urologist and described my issues. However, they would not see me because #1 I have no health insurance and #2 I have no referral from a physician.. I guess a trip to the ER would be the best bet to meet up with an urologist.. If you look at my profile picture it shows what these things look like..
counterso replied to gknox2's response:
A doctor cannot refuse to see you because of your insurance status, so long as you are willing to make payment arrangements. Going to the ER is going to cost 3x as much, and they do not have urologists in the ER. You do not need a referral to see a specialist in this country...only some insurance plans make this requirement. Any specialist is happy (or should be) to see you directly. It sounds like you are having an administrative issue that should be a non-issue.
If you are having trouble with private doctors, you can either ask the AUA (american urological association) for a referral in your area, or you can call any public hospital and ask to see a urologist. A public hospital cannot refuse to treat an uninsured citizen.
questionboy replied to gknox2's response:
Did you find an answer? I have the exact same situation and they look exactly like yours.

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