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freckle on penis...normal?
jpm53 posted:
I'm 32, in good shape and good health. A few days ago I went to the dermatologist for my annual exam. There is a history of skin cancer so I had to get a full body exam for first time. I had to strip to my boxers. When the dr. was examing me with me on my back she pulled my boxers down and looked for no more than 10 seconds. No big deal I thought. Next time I went to restroom I noticed a very small freckle, about size of a pin head on the top side of my penis, just under the head in my circumcision scar. I then thought I probably should have said something but it never came to my mind at my exam.

I know there was probably no way she would have seen this as 1. she looked so quickly and 2. my penis is on the small side and usually shrivels up like an accordian to about 1.5 inches when soft and you would not have seen unless my penis was fuller.

Is a freckel where I have it normal? Should she check me better at my exam? Should I call them back and tell them or is this normal and I shouldn't be concerned?

I appreciate your feedback.
counterso responded:
A freckle is a freckle. They appear anywhere on your entire body. Eyelid, finger tip, ear, doesn't matter.

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