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Long Term Urination Pain, No diagnosis....
MyBaseballLife posted:
Well for about 3 or 4 years I have had painful urination, the bad thing is I'm only 17. I stupidly let it go for about a year, and after that I became worried. I went to a few urologists and have had a urinalysis many times, always coming back clear. I have been on anti-inflammatory medication, antibiotics, everything. While nothing seems to help. My doctors don't believe it is serious because the urine comes back clear every time, yet I really want it to stop.The pain is localized to when the urine enters the actual Penis, nothing internally is painful. Also, When I drink a lot of water it tends to be a tad better, but if I drink too much water, it becomes excruciating to go. Next step is prostate exam and even a Cystoscopy, but I am only 17. So any suggestions or advice would be great, thanks. What do you think?
counterso responded:
Well, this forum can't really give much advice to someone your age, as this is something your parents need to help you manage. But what you don't want to happen is that you stop drinking water because you fear the result. The urinary system is sensitive to feelings of anxiety. And worrying about the possibility of pain is actually more likely to increase the likelihood that your urinary system will continue to have pain. It's a bad cycle.

As for what could be causing the issue, it sounds most like a small physical issue like a skin tag/flap inside your urethra that each time urine passes, drags and pulls on this tiny pocket that catches the fluid flow creating that pinch sensation. While a cytoscopy would hopefully be able to spot this, it won't always.

If it weren't so long term, it might make me think of some other things.

Are you particularly anxious or stressed as a teen?
MyBaseballLife replied to counterso's response:
Wow, sorry to get back to you so late. Just an update, no change in my symptoms really. But, I am sometimes a bit stressed especially with school and such. But more info on the skin "tag" would be nice. Next month is my scope, BTW.
counterso replied to MyBaseballLife's response:
Think of how a parachute works, fills up with air as it flows into it, but otherwise lays flat. The same kind of thing can happen with a little skin tag inside the urethra, lays flat until it gets filled when urine passes and then it pulls, which is a sharp pain with so many nerves in your penis. It would likely be seen with the scope (as unpleasant as it can be), just as another kind of physical abnormality (small deformation in the urethra) could also cause a painful sensation as pressure from urine rushed by.

Anyway, that might not be the cause, but it's not an uncommon one if it is.

You didn't really say whether it was a sharp pain or an aching pain, or how long it lasts after urinating, and if it increases the longer it takes for urine to pass. These are clues.

Anyway, glad that you are getting specialist care. Sorry that it may be a bit embarrassing for you. But there's no reason you should endure repeated pain issues.
MyBaseballLife replied to counterso's response:
Yeah the more I hear this, the more I thing it is possible, the pain is more sharp than aching but only last for less than 30 seconds or so after urinating, if that. But, it gets better as urine passes, who knows. Hopefully I will get answers next month.
Thanks again.

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