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Urology and overshrunk Prostate
An_245977 posted:
I am 77 yrs old. More than three years ago I was diagnosed with BPH and the doctors treated me with Xatral LP 10, Avodart, Tamsolosin etc at different times. I did get relief from the common systems for short periods but I am suffering from the same symptoms even now. The latest ultrasound results indicate my prostate size to have shrunk to 16 ml. I would like to know from knowledgeable people as to what should I do now. To relieve urinary problems I am taking Nettle root extract 300 mg twice daily and have stopped taking all the BPH medicines including saw pelmetto. But there is not much relief. All the symptoms eg. nocturia, urinary retention, hesitation while urinating, difficulty in starting urine, pain while starting etc.are still there.
counterso responded:
There is no one here more knowledgeable than your urologist(s) about your specific situation. Each of the BPH medications addresses the symptoms in slightly different ways. The non-medicinal remedies like nettle and saw palmetto and beta sitosterol again act in different ways. This is usually a treatment determined by experimentation as your own body chemistry will interact better with some solutions than others.

Unfortunately we don't have the kind of personal medical history information that would lead to any different recommendations than your urologist has already provided.

The standard protocol usually starts with something non-prescription like saw palmetto, and if it doesn't show benefit in 8 weeks, then they try the next thing like Avodart. And if that doesn't work, they try Flomax, and so on until they find one that provides symptom relief. And if there is still no relief, they might recommend surgery.

I'm not sure what to tell you other than at this point your urologist probably knows best what next to try, but most likely if the drugs did not help, the herbs certainly are not going to help.
hmnaqvi replied to counterso's response:
Thank you counterso for your response. After 3 yrs I have no residual trust in my urologists. They continue to prescribe tamsulosin, avodart, hytrin, cordura etc. I have a feeling that the contual use of Tamsolosin and Avodart has shrunk my prostate to abnormally low size, thus causing a narrowing of urethera passage through the gland and reproducing the same signals as an enlarged prostate would do. Now only an enlargement of passage through the gland will probably give a relief, or perhaps surgery will be necessary if there are no medicines for enlarging the passage without abnormally enlarging the whole gland. You seem to be very knowledgeable person. What do you think I should do?
counterso replied to hmnaqvi's response:
I think if you have lost faith in your current urologist, you should seek another for whom you get a recommendation. The prostate is a fairly dense organ that doesn't get a lot of blood circulation, so treating anything that's going wonky with it usually takes a longer time and things aren't always very effective simply because there's not a lot of circulation.

I don't like to recommend surgery to anyone unless it's necessary because there are so many risks. With most things prostate, it takes sometimes 2-3 months before the change is noticeable simply because it is not a rapidly changing organ.

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