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is there supposed to be fluid in the urethra?
milttam posted:
when i spread the tip of the penis and look into the urethra, i always see some sort of milky/clear liquid. not a lot, very little. it seems to be somewhat sticky. is this normal? i know it isn't urine and i doubt it is pre-cum because whenever i check myself i am not aroused or excited.

the reason i am asking this is because i went to see my urologist because of mild testicle aching and what i thought was discharge. when he examined me however he said everything looked normal and to only take the medicine he gave me if i start to see symptoms. he thinks i have nonspecific urethritis if anything. at this point i have no idea if i should take the medicine or not(doxycline). ever since i got treated for ghonnorea and clhyamidia even though the std test was negative, i have been extra paranoid. I don't want to take a big bottle of antibiotics on a guess because i have read that taking antibiotics unnecessarily can make certain bacteria become immune to antibiotics.
counterso responded:
No, you should NOT take the antibiotics unless you have a verified infection, you are correct.

You do not need to be aroused to produce reproductive fluids. There are many reasons that you might have had an ache. Has the ache persisted or gotten any worse?

First, stop peeking in your urethra. You have no reason to do that. Second, unless the pain persists in your scrotum or you have additional symptoms that reveal an inflammatory condition or infection, don't be so paranoid.

It's understandable that you have some anxiety after having an STD. Understand that anxiety all by itself can cause urinary symptoms.

It's good that you notice when something is different and are willing to check it out. But really, in this case I'm siding with your urologist and dismissing your discovery as inconsequential unless something else develops.

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