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Peyronies diagnosis??
Frederick123db posted:
I am a 41 year old white male. Two weeks ago while having sex with my wife I slightly bent my penis. I did not hear a pop. The next day I felt pain on the shaft near the head during morning erection. This pain comes back everytime I get erect. When erection is gone so is the pain. The pain is not intense just annoying, almost like it is "sprained". There is no scar tissue or bend what so ever. Two days ago I went to see a Urologist , I told him this exact story and without any examination at all he said I think you have Peyronies..come back in three months!!! Is diagnosis of this condition that simple? I am schedule for second opinion in two weeks but this is driving me crazy and would like feedback as to if this is in fact a probable case of peyronies...thanks for any help. Frederick.
counterso responded:
Peyronie's does not occur suddenly, so it's not caused by an event. It may be that you have it and only detected it because of the attention you gave your penis after an event, but it's not the event that caused it. He did NOT give you a diagnosis. He made a suggestion that you MIGHT have a condition, but would not make a determination until more time had passed.
Frederick123db replied to counterso's response:
In looking again at the summary sheet given at checkout it clearly reads...Today's Diagnosis: Peyronies Disease. I definetly feel a little less pain with the erection but increased pain in lower back...any opinion on that? If it happens to be peyronies how long after initial pain does lumps/scars start to form? Thanks for you time and attention.
counterso replied to Frederick123db's response:
Peyronie's IS the scars (internal). It can be painful or not, depending on your specific circumstances. No two cases are identical. Keep in mind that intense pain does not always signal properly in your brain. What you feel in your lower back may not be coming from your lower back at all. Sorry to hear it is painful for you. You will not see scars externally.

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