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Large Lump on my Scrotum
BrodieMike posted:
Overnight I developed a large lump directly in the center on the front of my scrotum. It is about 3/4 inch long and about 1/2 inch wide. It is below the surface of the skin, but still on the scrotum, not inside of it. It is a bit tender if squeezed. Also coming off of it is what almost looks like some kind of engorged duct. It runs all the way along the the fold of skin that, when the scrotum is relaxed, hangs from the base of the penis. This thing is also tender, but it seems to be closer to the surface. When gently squeezed from the sides, it appears to be white. Does anybody have any clue on what this could be. I would have decided to go straight to a doctor, but I have no insurance and I cannot afford any doctor bills.
BrodieMike responded:
I woke up this morning, and now the part that looks like a duct has gone down, but the lump seems to have gotten bigger
BrodieMike replied to BrodieMike's response:
Now it's starting to seem as it's an infection or a cyst of some kind. The "duct" broke open at the top and it was nothing but a whole bunch of yellowish white pus. I got as much of it out as I could, the lump it still there, but the "duct" is no longer engorged.
BrodieMike replied to BrodieMike's response:
And it smelled horrible.
counterso responded:
It sounds like a skin infection and you have no choice but to see a (regular) doctor (or dermatologist) urgently about it. It's not yet an emergency, but if the infection spreads it could quickly become very serious. You cannot put normal antibiotic creams on your scrotum/genitals. It's not safe.

Don't squeeze. See a doctor. It's going to cost less than $200 most likely, and you'll save yourself thousands of dollars if it becomes further infected.
counterso replied to BrodieMike's response:
Yeah, that smell is infection. See a doctor NOW! You need an antibiotic ointment that is safe for use in that area, but you won't get one if you don't have the doctor look at it.

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