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Strange liquid
kamilacbronx posted:
My husband has this strange, clear, watery liquid that comes out right after he gets enlarged. We are both concern about this and would like to know, what could this be?
counterso responded:
This is called pre-ejaculate and is completely normal accompanying an erection. This is the body's way of neutralizing anything in the urethra that could damage the integrity of sperm that would be passing through later during ejaculation. Some men produce copious amounts of pre-ejaculate fluid, while others produce only a few drops which may not even be seen. There's nothing to worry about or be done about it. It's likely always been that way for him, and surprising that he would not be able to tell you that this is normal.
kamilacbronx replied to counterso's response:
The thing is, it is visible too soon. I understand the pre -.......but the thing is, his sperm is full with this liquid. What could this be? I am very, very concerned.
Anon_475 replied to kamilacbronx's response:
Like PP said, it's pre-ejaculate or pre-cum and is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about.
counterso replied to kamilacbronx's response:
There is no "too soon." Semen is a mixture of multiple liquids plus sperm. You cannot see sperm, they are too small and have no color. If you think that because his semen is watery there is a problem, there's no problem, you just haven't seen a wide variety of examples.

A man can produce pre-ejaculate fluids without even having an erection. It can be a few drops or a continuous flow. This all depends on his personal biology and is NO indication of a problem.

The consistency, color, volume, smell, and taste of semen can change without any explanation, and from day to day or week to week. There is almost nothing you can do to influence this biological process directly. And ALL of it is quite normal.

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