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What's wrong with my penis?
An_247722 posted:
Hi, when I was 11-12 I developed a tight white 'ring' of hard skin around the tip of my foreskin, which made it extremely tight and stopped retraction. This was accompanied by lots of fissuring and itching, and I'd often attempt to pick at the white skin. The white skin spread to my glans and scarily seemed to very close (possibly in) my urethra.

The condition started to improve when I was 16 - the white ring seemed to 'expand', but not go away. The hard white skin seemed to subside, however I noticed a few concerning issues. Firstly I could not stand to urinate - it was extremely messy and seemed to come out in multiple streams. I also found that it'd dribble out for up to a minute at the end which was very annoying, and caused me to have to 'dry' with tissue.

I am now 23 and while the foreskin tightness has drastically improved (I still cannot retract when erect however), it seems like I have seriously destroyed my penis. The foreskin seems to have completely fused to my glans, and my frenulum is now existant (you can see a red scarring where it was). My glans is also very grey and patchy, and often develops sores. My urinary issues still exist and I still cannot stand to urinate, and I also find I have to urinate about 2-3 times in a row to get everything out.

I have linked to a picture - I apologise if this is not allowed.
counterso responded:
Shame on your parents for not dealing with this promptly and taking you to a urologist. Unfortunately you followed their example and didn't go later under your own power. It sounds like you may have started with a yeast infection that could have been treated, but eventually became scar tissue (skin) after being infected and untreated for such a long duration. Either way, whether just an unnaturally tight foreskin or a skin infection, it should have been handled when it occurred.

You need to see a urologist and have this properly handled. Make an appointment today and don't suffer any longer. They can determine whether removal or notching of the ring will provide relief, or if you can instead use some softening cream and stretching. Also they can help determine any possible remedy for your scattered urine stream.
guidedbylights replied to counterso's response:
Really, it's totally my fault - my parents had no idea about my condition. I was very stupid in keeping this to myself.

I actually confided in my brother a few months ago, who admits he suddenly developed a tight foreskin like me but had a circumcision within a year which stopped the disease (whatever it is) spreading.

The white ring isn't my main concern - ideally I'd like a circumcision to get rid of it, but the fact my foreskin has become adherent to my glans is my main concern. I'm reluctant to think it's a yeast infection because it appears to have to spread inside my urethra (which is causing my urinary issues). Either way I'm on a waiting list to be seen by a urologist but I'm very concerned by this all.

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