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UTI Symptoms
Mikeonthefloor posted:
I tested positive for a uti. One day my symptoms went away and then 2 days later they came back. Is it possible for uti symptoms to come and go like that?
counterso responded:
Yes, but if you tested positive for a UTI, why were you not receiving antibiotic treatment?
counterso replied to counterso's response:
Actually, even more important if I'm interpreting "mike" to mean you're male. Men only get UTIs for one of three rare reasons, and when symptoms appear, it's considered a life-threatening emergency.
Mikeonthefloor replied to counterso's response:
I am on cipro and new culture shows no growth now. However I still have stinging in tip of penis upon urination. I also tested negative on stds. Is it posible penis is now just irritated and will take time to heal? Any thoughts?
counterso replied to Mikeonthefloor's response:
All tests will show negative once you start antibiotic treatment, which is why you must complete the whole treatment as prescribed and not stop early.

It is possible that the antibiotics themselves are causing irritation.

Discuss with the urologist who prescribed the medicine.

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