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Pain at tip of penis
An_247839 posted:
I'm a 21 year old male. After masturbating for 4 or 5 times one day I have been having a slight pain at the tip of my penis. Its not persistent; it comes and goes. It doesn't hurt when I urine and neither during ejaculation and it normally only happens when my penis starts to get erect.

I got it checked by a urologist after about seven days it kept on. One big blunder I made was that I was that whereas I told him I do masturbate, I was too embarrassed to tell him that I had done it five times in one day after which it started. Anyways, he found no problems in the examination. I had blood and urine tests and ultrasound for stones; it was all clear, except slightly increased uric acid which I was told was not a related or a significant problem; I was prescribed Citralka and Zyloric for a month but I only took it for a week.

The problem persists after more than a month now. I stopped masturbating for around a week and it was still there afterwards. It is freaking me out! It has not increased significantly but now I think I get a slight tingling sensation in my entire penis, along with the pain at the tip, when I masturbate. Please help me out!
the_dude2342 responded:
I forgot to mention, I have had no sexual activity, besides masturbation.
counterso responded:
First of all, unless your doctor told you it was safe to stop your prescribed medication on your own, you made a big mistake there. Second, your first mistake was omitting very important information in seeing the urologist that would affect your diagnosis and probably saved you some testing. So, now you have a possibly wrong diagnosis, and could have done harm by stopping medication early.

You actually think that a urologist, a UROLOGIST, doesn't know what kind of masturbation habits people get up to?

Your penis is a delicate organ. While you may like to think of it as a rod of steel, it's easily damaged, especially with aggressive use. And, as a complex and unique organ, it can take 1-2 months to heal when you damage it. That means no sex or masturbation for at least a week longer than it takes for your penis to feel normal again.

That said, although most likely it's a small tissue tear that needs time to heal, there are other things unrelated to masturbation that could cause the tip of your penis to hurt. Allergic reaction, parasite, yeast infection, etcetera. Still, most likely it's some internal tissue tear that just needs time to heal properly.

More than once a day is excessive, and if you're going to do that, you need to be especially gentle and use sufficient lubrication. You only get one penis, and you don't want to damage the one you have.
seanhh responded:
You may have damaged your penis skin during masturbation. This is quite common, and thankfully there are penis health cremes available that treat this sort of thing. From sensitivity issues to dry or cracked skin, these cremes can be really helpful. You might want to look into this option. Good luck.
counterso replied to seanhh's response:

Again, no such thing as a penis health cream. These are scam products. Any urologist will tell you they're just fancy lotions/ointments that are not unique in benefitting penises. They're typically just enriched lotions/ointments that moisturize ANY skin.

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