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Swollen veins on penis, hurts a bit, cloudy pee, need advice
An_247938 posted:

For the last few days (3-4 at least), the veins on my penis are very prominent, they are swollen and very visible (blue) at all times.

When I touch the veins, they hurt (nothing crazy, but they are very uncomfortable when pressed on). If I don't touch, I feel a slight discomfort.

I also feel discomfort at the junction of my pelvis and base of the shaft, under the skin. I don't see anything, but I assume it might also be a vein running deeper under my skin. Same deal: it hurts when I press on it.

Today, I felt some kind of leak (a few droplets, nothing more) so I went to pee. Before I started peeing, there were maybe 2-3 droplets of pus that oozed out of the tip of my penis. After peing, the pee inside the toilet was a little cloudy (it has been cloudy since the last few days).

I thought at first it could be a urinary tract infection, which I had years ago, but my bladder doesn't hurt and it doesn't hurt when I pee. I still began drinking cranberry juice like a madman but it didn't change anything. The thing that hurts is the swollen penis itself.

I don't take any medication at the moment. I didn't have sexual relations in the last 5 to 6 weeks as I have been travelling, although I did masturbate but I would say that I'm quite gentle so I don't think I "hurt" myself doing so.

I did restart skateboarding recently (didn't skate for several years), I'm wondering if I could have done a bad move that would have stretched something. Nothing hurts elsewhere though, seems implausible.

Is there something I should do to help whatever it is I have? Is there any medication I could buy or natural products you recommend?

Thank you for your time!
counterso responded:
1) There is NOTHING cranberry juice can do for an infection AFTER it exists. It can only reduce the risk BEFORE an occurrence. It CANNOT treat an infection. Only antibiotics can. And if as a man you get a UTI, it's an EMERGENCY requiring immediate medical treatment.

2) You have pus and cloudy urine, there's an infection, or maybe kidney stones. See a urologist RIGHT AWAY.

3) it is unlikely that the prominence of veins on the surface of your penis is related to the other symptoms
An_247938 replied to counterso's response:
I called several urologists, the soonest appointment they could give me was in 8 days so I took it.

Should I do something else or just wait for that appointment?
counterso replied to An_247938's response:
If your situation does not change at all, and the urologist did not find it more urgent that you see them sooner than the appointment offered, after describing ALL of your symptoms, then I would stick with the doctor's plan.

If something changes, such as more white fluid, new pain, or something else, call the urologist's office immediately and report the change. They may either move your appointment up, or they may refer you to urgent care.

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