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    Penis Numbness
    vinis posted:
    Hi All,

    I've been having a seemingly non-serious problem that has been bugging me for a month.
    The main symptom is that of mild pain/numbness in the upper corona of penis. The penis just doesn't feel a 100% right. It seems a bit dead. I am having no problems getting erection or ejaculating.

    It started a month back due to rough masturbation. I probably used a hard grip, no lube and went back-to-back, probably thrice.

    Anyway, went to a doc and told him everything. He discovered another problem and gave me an anti-fungal. However, it flared up (turns out it was candidal balanitis) and I had to change the anti-fungal, and 10 days later the infection was gone.

    However the pain and the redness/purplish coloration on the corona is still there. My doc tells me there is nothing to worry about, but I'm afraid he's not probing enough.

    In summary:
    Pain/numbness in corona of penis. The corona is redder/purple.
    Penis feels lifeless. (it doesn't rise when I pull my legs in)
    No problems with erections/ejaculation

    counterso responded:
    If you have no issues with erection or ejaculation your urologist is probably right to tell you not to worry. The infection you treated has likely damaged the nerves in the area. It may take many months for them to heal or regrow, if they do at all. This is one reason why it's very important not to leave any infection untreated. At this point you're going to have to wait it out and see if it restores sensation on its own.

    You may also have damaged nerves from aggressive masturbation. A penis is a very delicate organ although many men treat it very roughly. It is not very difficult to injure it from rough handling.
    vinis replied to counterso's response:
    Thanks for your reply Counterso.

    I believe I have been having this problem due to the rough masturbation. How long does it take to restore sensation (I know this is a difficult question for anyone to answer without any tests). Is there some medicine that will help me apart from using a lube while masturbation?

    There has been a small but definite improvement in a month. Is there a possibility that I might have caused some permanent damage?

    counterso replied to vinis's response:
    Yes, you could cause permanent damage. A neurologist would tell you "it depends." Nerve regeneration, when it occurs, can take several months as I said earlier. Sometimes nerves do not regenerate at all. There's very little if anything that can be done to help damaged nerves.

    When tissue scarring occurs from infection, this can also damage nerves.

    There's no way to predict your rate of recovery or restoration of sensation.
    vinis replied to counterso's response:
    Hello counterso,

    I thought I'd add an update. I have visited a GP, a urologist and a skin specialist. All have told me that nothing is wrong.

    The uro prescribed B12 injections for my symptoms.
    I have seen significant improvement on the numbness front after taking B12 injections. The numbness now is 99% gone. Thank heavens

    However, the pain at the corona is still not gone. I am wondering what the cause could be. I am staying away from sexual activity. I would love to get a definitive diagnosis. Could it be a thrombosed vein or something? There is a small raised ridge where the glans meets the shaft, which wasn't there before.

    counterso replied to vinis's response:
    Sounds like it is likely just to be some lingering inflammation, but if you've seen the urologist and they've had a chance to look at it, your best answer would be to phone them up with your follow-up question. It's good to hear that your doctors have been able to help you for the most part. Keep after them to resolve anything you consider a lingering issue.
    I'm not sure why people worry so much about thrombosis, it's just not that common. More likely persistent inflammation from a minor injury like rough masturbation. Because the structures of the penis are so unlike any other part of the body, it just works differently and heals differently.
    vinis replied to counterso's response:
    Thanks for the reply Counterso.

    Yes the urologist has looked at it, and thought that the inflammation was due to a skin infection. Dermatologist gave me a clean chit. So I went back to the uro and he put me on a dose of B12.

    You could be right on the lingering inflammation; however it's close to 7 months with little but definite improvement.

    I suspected thrombosis because I noticed the elevation of 2 dorsal blood vessels at the base of the glans, which was not there before. This elevation is probably normal for some folks, but for me they appeared only after the rough masturbation. Also the pain and tenderness radiates from this region of the penis.
    As for the numbness I think the body can feel only one sensation at a place. So if a place is inflamed, one can't really feel pleasure there.

    I am obviously at a loss to understand what's going with my body and just waiting out at the moment.
    barrrylincoln replied to vinis's response:
    Look how bad you treat it. You keep it in the dark, it's hair is a mess, it's closest neighbor is an @$$hole, his best friend is a p()$$ie and you beat him like he owes you money. What do you expect?
    counterso responded:
    The balanitis or candida, could easily have changed the sensitivity of your skin, and it may take several months for it to return to what you consider normal. Additionally, you may have injured your penis from rough handling. In the combination of the two, it is certainly possible that your penis does not respond to physical sensations the same way, and it may take a few months to recover. Some of the medications, particularly topical, can also reduce sensitivity for some period of weeks or months after treating the infection.

    If you're still feeling pain and have discoloration, it's not surprising that your sensitivity is marred. You will not likely have normal sensation until the color returns to normal.

    The thing that concerns me is that you have pain. Under no circumstances is penis pain normal. And I hope that your urologist (not your GP) has told you that you cannot have sex or masturbate until your penis has fully healed, which could be a few months.

    If you damaged the fascia (connective tissue) between the corona and shaft of your penis from rough handling, this area could easily take several months to heal with you leaving it alone completely. It may even take longer. And depending on the extent of the injury, it's possible it might not heal at all. Unfortunately this is not possible to guess. Your penis does not operate or heal the same way as other parts of your body, as its structures are quite unique, and as you've discovered, also much less durable than you assumed.

    Any injury to or pain in the penis is going to affect erectile function. Your body's unconscious reaction is to consider your environment unsafe for reproduction and to shut down that function (anything dangerous enough to cause you injury). This is expected.
    counterso replied to vinis's response:
    sorry, my last reply didn't address your latest post...sometimes WebMD doesn't place me at the end the conversation and I end up responding to the original post, not the last update.

    Glad the infection is gone, but some of what I said still applies. It can be a few months for the injury to be healed even if the infection is cleared. The structures in the penis are so unique that inflammation is resolved in a very different manner than in other parts of the body.

    Thrombosis is not usually visible. Prominent veins are not a standard symptom of thrombosis. More likely you just liberated the veins from the fascia that used to confine them, after your rough handling. That's why you see veins rise to the surface with use in many parts of the body, including your penis.

    It still applies that your penis will disregard your desires when it feels pain. You should still not be masturbating or having sex while you have any signs of pain or injury. It may take several months to heal.
    penileproblems replied to vinis's response:
    Did you have low Testosterone? Also where was the injections injected at in the body? Puednal nerve or the penis near the nerves or where?
    penileproblems replied to counterso's response:
    Have you ever had numbness also take a look at this post.... It is my post... I have numbness....
    penileproblems replied to vinis's response:
    I have an issue with numbness please help me by reading this and replying here. This is my post on another site yet no one responded ... this numbness thing is killing me.
    counterso replied to penileproblems's response:
    penileproblems, please do not hijack someone else's topic. Post your question separately with details in a new thread. We cannot respond to information posted on a non WebMD site.
    penileproblems replied to counterso's response:
    1) I have not been able to feel my orgasms for about a month and a half or a little bit more....
    Also I have numbness of the penile area like a lessening feeling.

    2) I think the feeling started to dwindle starting in August/september during that time I could tell less sensitivity was happening ,but I did not take it seriously so I thought sleep it off. Then during the months until December my mind was just destroyed feeling a lot more numbness and less feeling.....

    3) So during the first couple of days of january 2015I went to a doctor to see me. I thought it might have been a bladder/uriniary infection I was prescribed an anti-biotic. I thought less feeling = infection(meaning infection is destroying cells/nerves in penile area).

    4) I gave blood for tests and I gave a urine sample. The urine sample was clean... nothing..... no bacteria etc..... it was tested at a lab and by the doctors office. Nothing showed up... not culture nada...

    5) The blood test came up with Low-Testosterone I am hoping the LOW-T is the cause of my numbness/less feeling ... I had a scor of 258 for my T level.... I am scared I have nerve damage or permanently unable to feel the orgasm.... I can feel the build up to an orgasm ,but then hit by a brick wall when the ejaculation occurs.... There is also penile numbness.... I sometimes wish I was a chick....... Being a man is tough.....

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