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Nerve Pain in Penis
An_248710 posted:
Hi there, I'm hoping to get more info on an issue I've been having... please read:

about a month ago I was watching TV and felt s sudden intense itch on my foreskin while laying on the bed. For about two days after that my foreskin was red and swollen on the left side. I shower very frequently and pull the foreskin back all the time to clean it. But I do have a very sensitive foreskin and a mild case of phimosis (I can pull the foreskin all the way back only when flacid). The irritation went away after two days, but came back about a week later... at that point I went to see a doctor and he noticed my foreskin was a little sore... he said it was probably Balanitis and told me to apply an over the counter anti itch cream and to not pull back on my foreskin too aggressively. We also did STD tests and everything came back negative (HIV, Chlamidia, Ghonohrea, Syphilis, negative all of them).

So then things went ok for about 4 days after my first doctor's visit. But then suddenly throughout the day at work, I could feel the head of my penis getting a little sore and it was bugging me a little... but didn't pay attention until I sat on the edge of my chair at a meeting and felt what I would describe as a minor nerve pain shooting from my groin area to the head of my penis. When i got home that same night I pulled the foreskin back and noticed red blotches and little white particles. The skin on the head of the penis was irritated again. So I jumped in the shower and poured cold water which helped immediately relieve the burn and the white particles quickly washed off. I applied garlic oil from a gel pill I had thinking it might be a yeast infection after all. I also emailed my doctor about it and sent him a pic I had taken with my phone so that he could assess... and he emailed back that same night and told me to apply an over the counter anti-fungus cream, which I did that same night. The swelling was definitely gone immediately after that, but about an hour later, as I was sitting on a wooden chair watching TV I got up and my penis and groin area went completely numb and I could feel that nerve pain again shooting down from my groin area to the head of my penis. Not sure if it was a urethra pain. I also felt it that same night while sleeping on my side for a little bit. Everything else was fine... no pain when urinating at all. I emailed my doctor again in the morning and asked if it could be prostatis but he didn't think so.

The next morning I showered again, and applied more anti-fungal cream and felt great for about 4 days and kept repeating this routine. Then went to a urologist about 2 days afterwards who examined me. He said everything looked fine (I was having a good day at that point with no swelling). He also said it could not be a yeast infection is the symptom came and went... he said if it were, the burning would of persisted and not gone away immediately after applying cream or cold water. He suggested that I might have atopic dermatitis but he wasn't sure what could be causing the shooting pain. We also did a urine test and everything came back negative... tested for: Glucose, UA; Bilirubin, UA; Ketones, UA; Specific Gravity, UA; Hemoglobin, ur, ql; PH, UA was 5.0; Protein, UA; Urobilinogen, UA <2.0; Nitrite, UA; Leukocyte esterase, UA; Color Urine Yellow; Specimen Source Clean.

So now I'm just trying to figure out what is causing all these symptoms... could the shooting pain I feel be a pinched nerve? Would it be related to the irritation on the head of the penis? I was also given Betamethasone to help address my mild case of phimosis. But what worries me is the shooting pain I get when I sit on the edge of a chair or sometimes I feel it a little bit when having a bowel movement. Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
counterso responded:
These symptoms could be related, or you could have different things going on at the same time. You have already taken the best step which was seeing a urologist. Is there some reason you don't trust their assessment? Follow up with the urologist, continue using the anti-fungal cream for a week or more. An irritation that blooms like that can certainly disrupt nerve sensations, especially since there is such a high concentration of nerve endings in your penis.

Keep in mind that internally sensed pain only comes in two degrees...none, and excruciating. There's no inbetween. Once a nerve registers strong pain sensations, your brain may not interpret the location causing the pain correctly. While you might feel it shooting in one area, it may not be precisely where you are feeling it that is the problem.

Also, speak to your urologist about a long-term solution for your phimosis. You should be able to fully retract your foreskin at all times and there are non-surgical ways of helping you do that.

If the pain is a separate issue from the yeast infection, then it could be several common causes, all of which your urologist should be able to help you assess. It's possible you might have the beginnings of kidney stones (still sand sized, so they hurt but you might not see them), you could have prostate stones. You could have a prostate infection or enlarged prostate. You could have a parasite. You could have a small tear in your urethra. You could have a nerve impingement. Still most likely is that the yeast infection was severe and you have some inflammation left over that is causing discord in the nerves in that area. It's very difficult to separate from just a description when you have had the skin infection that could be masking, or the source of, this other pain.
ms1307 responded:
I have a very similar case. Please would you tell what is your situation now. Would appreciate this very much. Thanks
counterso replied to ms1307's response:
ms1307, if you have not yet seen a urologist, you need to do that first. "Similar" is not specific.
ms1307 replied to counterso's response:
Thanks very much for your quick response. Appreciate very much. I did not want to write at length because the symptoms, the start and the pains mentioned in this article is identical to mine. Idid see a Urologist and having ruled out other things he now says it is something with the nerve that pains. It comes and goes.I just want to know if you can help me by letting me know what finally happened with the above person.I would appreciate this.
counterso replied to ms1307's response:
I have no contact with the original poster. He is anonymous. If he is not responding here, he is probably not signed up for notifications. If the urologist determined that there is a nerve issue and not something he can address, it's time to move on to a neurologist.

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