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Lump inside penile shaft
jcr87 posted:
A couple of weeks ago I felt a small round lump inside the shaft of my penis. It's to the right, a bit below the head. It is not visible from the outside, not even if I hold it between the forefinger and thumb and stretch the skin of the shaft over it. It is completely painless and I am able to move it from side to side. Also, I can feel it when the penis is flaccid but not so much when erect. I am able to urinate normally and it does not seem to be causing any problems. I was circumcised at birth and have never had sex so a STD can be ruled out.

Is this something that would go away on its own or could it be something more serious? I've been applying a warm towel over it for the past few days but that does not seem to have helped so not sure whether to continue doing that. Any insight would be much appreciated.
counterso responded:
Sorry no one saw your post in the last two weeks. It sounds like a small lymph node might have gotten inflamed. It could also just be a little fluid-filled cyst. So long as it's not painful or increasing in size, there's probably nothing to worry about. It has nothing to do with an STD. Hopefully it has become less than a bother since your original post.
jcr87 replied to counterso's response:
counterso — thank you for your reply and for reassuring me. Yes, it has reduced considerably in size over the last 10 days or so and appears to be getting smaller with each passing day. Moreover if I gently stroke it between my thumb and forefinger for some time, it progressively decreases in size till it's almost gone completely. A few minutes later I can feel it again but as I said, it's much smaller than it was when I first felt it. As a result I'm definitely feeling a lot more relaxed about this. Thank you once again.
counterso replied to jcr87's response:
Massaging it may irritate the area and prolong the swelling. It's probably best to leave it alone so it returns to normal on its own. I'm glad to hear that it has already started to disappear.
jcr87 replied to counterso's response:
Thanks counterso, will keep this in mind.

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