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swallon veins on penis and other?
An_249512 posted:
I have extremely swallon veins on penis i dont masterbate but there are ejaculations in morning. its not painful. what can be the reason? is it dangerous ??... and i also pee alot.
counterso responded:
Your description only leads to more questions because it is not very specific.

First it would help to know your age. How old are you?

The "veins" on the shaft of your penis are only the blue ones. Any other venous structures on the surface of your penis are something else, usually lymph channels. They have no color and do not circulate blood, but they can become irritated and inflamed and raise the skin. Since they run along side actual veins, it can be easy to mistake one for the other. Figuring out which of these structures is swollen is the first step. How or when did you notice the change? Was there anything that happened that is different than usual before you noticed?

Why don't you masturbate?
Nocturnal emissions (when semen comes out of your penis overnight without sexual activity) are one thing your body may do if you don't have sex or masturbate. Since it's already happening, there's no reason for you not to masturbate and at least enjoy it. No, it's not at all dangerous. It's completely normal. Even though some men never have a nocturnal emission, it's common and normal to have that happen, especially when you have no other sexual activity.

What do you consider "a lot" when it comes to urination? Are you talking about more than 6 times a day, or are you just saying that the volume is a lot?
sasha123 replied to counterso's response:
my age is 22 and i think its definitely veins( basically only two on both sides running almost parallel) around penis and i always sleep on belly and generally penis in a tangled position can it contribute to swelling or more urination and frequency of urination is more and i in in early 15 masterbated but some friends told me that masterbation might be the reason of increased frequency of urination so i stopped . so can masterbation increase urnation and can it be earlier masterbation reason for swallon veins ??
sasha123 replied to counterso's response:
and also can these be varicose vains or develop into it ( because swelling is for abt 4yrs but uptill now no pain or itching) ??? and thanks alot for the reply.
counterso replied to sasha123's response:
Masturbation is not the cause of frequent urination. Do not take the advice of young friends who aren't doctors. Sleep position is not going to affect your penis. Masturbation can cause inflammation if you are too rough, don't use lubrication, or do it for too long. A penis is a delicate organ although often abused by its owner.

Location has nothing to do with whether it's a vein or a lymph channel. They both run next to one another. The only way to tell them apart is by color.

How often do you think is too often for urination? Again, your friends may have given you wrong information.
sasha123 replied to counterso's response:
its 10 or even more then that but sometimes time interval between 2 may be upto 6hrs but sometimes it can also be upto 20 min. but generally 1 and 1 half hour and sometimes during sleep it may last upto 8- 9 hrs . is there any cure for that? and again thanks alot for reply.
counterso replied to sasha123's response:
It doesn't sound like a complicated problem. Since you're able to sleep through the night without getting up to urinate, the frequent urination is likely either due to anxiety, or you may have some nerve sensitivity that is triggered when you're moving around and doesn't when you're sleeping or sitting still.

One of the first things you can do is to confine your beverage consumption to specific times of day instead of throughout the day. A larger volume less frequently is likely to help you keep your urination schedule more regular.

You can talk to a urologist about your concern, but from your initial description it doesn't sound dramatic enough to be a serious medical concern.

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