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Seminal Fluid
An_249654 posted:
I am 19 years old and I have a problem regarding my seminal fluid. Back when I was younger, when I masturbate, I release a lot. Now, only a spoonful comes out. While continuing, no more comes out and my left testicle begins to ache. There are also times when my penis hardens for a long tine, my left testicle aches as well. What could be the problem?
counterso responded:
The volume, texture, color, odor, force of ejaculation, and other characteristics will change over your lifetime. Even in a single week these things may be different. And that is normal. What's not normal is any kind of pain.

Any pain in your testicles is considered an emergency situation and you should make a prompt appointment with a urologist to figure out what is going on with that.

As far as semen volume and force, there's nothing to be concerned about. Especially as men age (and you haven't said how old you are now), these both decline. If you had a masturbation habit that included clamping down on your penis when you were ejaculating to stop the flow of semen, you could damage the valve system that make sure the ejaculate comes out instead of goes in. But if that's not the issue, it's still not uncommon.

You can't expect your body to operate like you're a teenager for your whole life. And unless you are having trouble conceiving a child, the volume and force of your ejaculation isn't of any medical concern. Having a long-lasting erection is also not usually a problem unless it lasts more than 4 hours (that's the standard measure).

As far as the ache in your testicle, this is a problem that needs to be checked out. Please see a urologist to discuss it, without delay.

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