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Blood in Urine
raemur posted:
My husband had /has blood in his urine @ first looked like cherry coolaid then disapeared. Went to the urologist & was told he still had blood in his urine. Had the scope up to the prostrate & bladder & no signs of injury. Had a CT when he was sent to the ER, no signs of anything on the Kidney & Liver. He is a Melanoma survivor just past 7 yrs. & is afraid that it is back. There is no good reason for blood in the urine at anytime but we have no answers. He will see the Dr. again next Thursday & he may want to do another CT w/contrast. If there is still blood in his urine shouldn't they have him in the hospital doing test instead of waiting weeks between each office visit to tell us they don't know where it's coming from? I hate waiting & wish they would just do all the test at once & figure it out.
counterso responded:
Sorry you didn't get an earlier reply. No, blood in the urine isn't good, but unless it's bright red like fresh blood, it's not usually considered an emergency. There are any number of possible causes, from innocent reasons like riding a bicycle, to sinister reasons. Yes it can be scary, because it's not normal, but the urologist should be your first resource in allaying your worries.
Sheldon_Marks_MD responded:
Chances are he will be fine. 85% of the time we never find the source of the blood. A regular and complete follow up as you describe is correct. Because it is not life threatening it has to go through routine channels.

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