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Is this what I have or should I see a doctor
Llpleger posted:
I am 23 years old and about a month ago i notice I had a red irritation/ sore right under the head of my penis. I wrote it off as a friction sore that i have had before and they usually go away within a few days, but then the symptoms starting adding up. Swollen groin lymph glands, Swelling around the penis, a hard vein type thing the runs from the base of my penis and along both sides of the head that I am assuming is a swollen lymph "vein" like you have been talking about. There has been a little pain during masturbation and intercource along with premature ejactulation problems. I am wondering if all of my symptoms are caused by the same thing or if I should go see a doctor and get tested for std's.
counterso responded:
It is highly unlikely to be related to any STD, however you indicate you're continuing to masturbate or have sex even though you have irritation. That has to stop. Stop all stimulating contact with your penis until the situation has been resolved for at least a week with no discomfort.

That you have other swelling and lymph symptoms may indicate a general infection that appears in the most sensitive parts of your body. You should definitely see a physician to check for a general infection that is affecting your whole body since the lymph symptoms are not entirely localized. An ingrown toenail, a parasite, a developing allergy, and other seemingly distant causes can result in lymph responses in sensitive areas like groin, armpits, etc.

Either way, it is something you should discuss with your doctor promptly.

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