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Reports to request for Enlarged Prostate Gland
johnm1976 posted:

What are the reports that a Urologist should request to check for enlarged prostate gland issues? This is for a 66 year old male patient (my father) and his Ultrasound shows that his Prostate is severely enlarged with a volume of 74cc.

The opinion of the lab based on the ultrasound was:
"Severe prostatomegaly is noted with significant post void residue"

The current Urologist has suggested surgery but I would like to get a 2nd opinion and also generate more tests and reports before taking the drastic steps.

Any other things I should consider at this stage?

Thanks in advance
counterso responded:
A digital rectal exam is usually all that's needed to determine that the prostate requires treatment. Whether that treatment is pharmaceutical or surgical depends on the symptoms, their severity, and what other factors are noticed. You can certainly request pharmaceutical options prior to surgery. The results should be promptly noticed. There are about 3 drugs you can try, if the first doesn't work, you can try the others, and if none of the three provide the desired relief, then surgery is the next step.
counterso replied to counterso's response:
That said, the doctor probably inserted a catheter, which is also standard, to see just how dramatic the constriction is, after he determined that it was actually enlarged. It may be that the constriction is so severe that he knows drugs will be insufficient to provide relief. These are all questions for your urologist, not this board. He's the one who did the examination and knows the specifics of your father's situation.
jameshodge responded:
I'd recommend reading up on Super Beta Prostate testimonials . You'll probably find a lot of people who've been through similar situations and come out successfully. Surgery is serious and should be carefully considered.
counterso replied to jameshodge's response:
Testimonials are garbage sources of information. Saw palmetto and other similar products only work for 50% of men. SBP is not going to post testimonials from the 50% of men for whom their product will never work.

It takes 6-8 weeks to build up a concentration of the plant sterols that provide benefit. So, the only way to know if a specific product works for you (just like the drugs that your doctor might recommend) is to try them. In the case of saw palmetto, you have to take it consistently for two months and not mix it with other remedies to know that it is what is providing relief.

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