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Had to hold my pee....
jewber posted:
(Today is Thursday)

This past Saturday I had to stand in line for 5 minutes at a bar with a huge "beer pee", one of the ones where you are doing Indian rain dances. Upon entering, the urine was forceful, but at the beginning of it there was blood. That night, a couple of hours later, same thing.

The next morning, I had blood in my semen, but none in urine. Same thing Monday as well.

Tuesday I peed in the morning to nothing, but a few hours later, I urinated a bunch of blood clots! a couple more hours later, same thing! So, I went to the ER, where they took urine and blood samples, the only thing amiss was an elevated RBC in urine (none of concern according to DR).

Wednesday the clots only happened at night before bed, and today (Thursday), I had it in the morning, and smaller ones at the beginning of my urine (a lot less than Tuesday).

I have a follow up appt with my general on Wednesday, but I worry about everything and wonder if anyone else has had this?

I am 31, in good health, non-tobacco user.
counterso responded:
You did yourself an injury by holding your urine too long. One or more of the tiny capillaries in the system burst from the force of you clenching to hold it in. Good that you checked to make sure it was not something more serious, but it sounds like that's all that happened. Don't wait so long...this is precisely why people need to be taught not to hold it and to go when you get the signal. It sounds like you were not paying attention to the signal early enough and had these consequences. It can be worse, so don't let it get to that point.

If you have any recurrence of blood, see a urologist next.

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