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Infected gland underneath penis head?
Jthompson2001 posted:
So I had sex about 2 weeks ago and woke up the following morning with a red pimple like (which I now know is a gland of the penis) under the head of my penis. I washed it off and it stung really bad, so I head over to the std clinic cuz I thought I had something. I got tested for everything and I'm a ok but when I ask the doctor about the gland she applied an alcohol pad on it, wiped it off and said its nothing , I asked her but y is it like this, she said its just a tear of the skin. After I left there I went ahead and bought neosporin and have been applying it everyday since, it's been almost 15 days, it looks alittle better but it's still red and still hasn't heal, has anyone had this problem? If so what can I do?
counterso responded:
You absolutely CANNOT put neosporin anywhere on your genitals. It's not safe to do so, just like you can't use it near your eyes.

If the doctor said you tore the skin, then that's probably what happened. It can take a couple weeks for the delicate tissue of your penis to heal.

Keep the area clean and dry (use some talcum/baby powder). Don't irritate it with more sex or masturbation. Likely you will just have to wait for it to heal. If it gets worse, see a dermatologist or urologist. If it's just healing slowly, be patient.

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