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    not your normal "bump" on penis question
    boostede36 posted:
    First off, i want to say i have searched EXTENSIVELY for the exact issue i have and have been flooded with similar yet not the same scenarios (cysts, peyronies, PPP's, plaque..etc..none of which fit my description).

    27, 2 sexual partners in last 6 years,in long term relationship now, with little sex and too much masturbation
    -very active and fit, no history of STDs

    The symptoms:
    -BB sized bump on right side of penis (about the size of a pepper ball). Halfway up the penis shaft when erect..NOT right below the head like others have.Nor is it near the base.
    -Tends to be smaller when flaccid, grows with erection
    -it can move slightly but not attached to outside of skin, it's underneath
    -when pressed on does not reduce in size
    -painless, colorless
    -sometimes its not there and read below for how i can make it "disappear"

    When did it happen
    -after an extended period of vigorous masturbation. It gradually became more prominent and began to really notice it right around where my fingers end when im gripping my shaft.
    -i've had it for over 6-8 months now
    -saw my GP he said it was nothing to be concerned about & couldn't feel it at the time on my flaccid penis. He said we could ultrasound it but that would probably be inconclusive.

    Now the kicker..
    i have what appears to be almost a horizontal elevated area (under skin) right around where the bump shows up on the right side (coincidence,don't think so) appears to be almost like a hernia (i mean obviously i cant see it).but if i press the bump into the right spot around this area the bump goes away completely..almost like it goes into the "torn area". You can press on the bump in the wrong spot and it sticks around..i found you have to almost pull the skin tight toward the tip of the penis and then press on it with your thumb around the area and it will disappear into it. I would then masturbate and not even feel it, but it "slips" back out sometimes and comes back.
    It is very difficult to get the bump to go away without an erection as finding that area is difficult.

    Will this ever heal? I have not found anything on hernias on the penis shaft itself but i am almost certain that's what it is.Maybe you can tell me if you have heard of this before? It is not a PPP, nor does it seem like PD at all from the numerous articles i have read, it's not a cyst (no discoloring or pain), nor does it seem like plaque as it grows with erection. Would this require surgery to fix?

    I have an unhealthy addiction to masterbaition i'll admit, and i'm positive that's what cause this. Sometimes i'll masturbate for hours, even if it's just squeezing my penis between my thumb and fingers, which is what i think caused this and another problem i just got.

    The second problem i am fairly confident is sclerosing lymphangitis which you have described in numerous other posts. After a prolonged masturbation yesterday, i felt a hard guitar-string-like lymph vessel appear on the top side of my penis extending from the pubic base to the top of my foreskin (i am circumcised), a little to the right of center but not much (can you please tell me what this lymph vessel is called so i can refer to it when i get my appointment to a urologist?). After the masturbation, the corona area swelled..not excessively but i could tell by looking at it..and now i feel this guitar string like vessel is quite prominent even when penis is soft. I read that i should stop masturbation and sex, and hope it goes away. It's colorless(not blue or red or anything) and feels about the diameter of the third guitar string.

    My penis is falling apart what the hell do i do? Can you answer some of the question i have in bold please? This has been weighing on me heavily and affecting my person life at home and work.

    counterso responded:
    Well, we don't need the detail of how often is too often if even you think you're abusing your penis with too much masturbation. Dealing with the addiction is a separate issue, but you can see you're clearly harming yourself, and the more you do so, the more likely the symptoms you have experienced will become permanently damaging to your penis.

    You need an anatomy of the penis lesson. The nodule you're referring to probably is a little cyst (there are many kinds and they do not require additional symptoms of bruising or discoloration), however the anatomy of your penis will allow a small floating nodule like this to become tucked into one of the creases in the fascia that wrap the multiple parts of the structure of your penis together, essentially hiding it from view.

    Masturbation that lasts for hours is very easily damaging. Your penis isn't really built for enduring more than 20 minutes of occasional stimulation, with rest periods between activity.

    Yes, if you stop sexual activity, especially the masturbation, for some period of weeks, your penis is likely to return to normal as it heals on its own. Fair warning, from the amount of abuse it has received, it may take a couple weeks or a couple months to fully heal. That amount of time is not predictable nor something that can be accelerated with any certainty.

    You probably do not need to see a urologist, except maybe to allay your concerns. It's unlikely they will tell you anything different than what you've already heard.

    Lymph channels have no color, are not anchored, but usually run in the vicinity of veins (you can see veins because they're colored). When they become irritated, there's not much to do about it, especially on an appendage like your penis, because the lymphatic system has no pump. The lymph relies on the daily motion of your body and muscles to slosh around. And you've probably experienced swollen lymph nodes in your neck when you have a cold. Pressing on them makes them hurt, but they're not like a sponge that you can just wring out, so it's best to leave them to clear themselves.

    Sometimes they become painful, and like any inflammatory condition, an anti-inflammatory might be helpful, but it's not guaranteed to have an effect. The lymph channels in your penis run in the same areas as the blood vessels, so they have a path up the shaft, and some arcs that wrap around the circumference of your penis, below the corona, and a couple other segments. If you irritate them further, like scratching a mosquito bite, the irritation is more likely to spread than to feel better.

    You're going to need to deal with the masturbation addiction separately, as it's not right to have it interfering with your regular life activities.

    I don't know where any of the other suggested conditions came from, because what you described with the nodule doesn't sound like anything other than a small fluid-filled cyst. It's likely to disappear as mysteriously as it appeared, but only if you don't keep poking it. Prolonged irritation, such as with nodules and lymph channels, can create scar tissue, which then makes the effects rather permanent. That's why you want to let them heal fully and completely and not aggravate them further. While some cysts are problematic, you've already been examined once. As long as it's not causing you discomfort, the inclination by any doctor is going to be to leave it alone. The last thing you want to do is to have surgery on your penis. That invites a whole host of new unwanted potential consequences. That nodule could remain for years, or it could be reabsorbed at any moment. Just no way to guess, even if you see a urologist about it. If you have a concern because the nodule has grown in size or has any pain accompanying it, then do see the urologist.
    boostede36 replied to counterso's response:
    First of all thank you for the detailed reply. Prompt, detailed and sobering. I'd like to ask a follow up on your cyst diagnosis. Do cysts grow in size with increased blood flow? Or are they always the same size.I ask because I feel like this one gets marginally larger when my penis is erect..but I would see how it being erect could make it more prominent.
    So it sounds like if its a cyst then I'm going to have it potentially forever, fun times. I had a gp check me out not a was very awkward I must admit amd I felt like he knew nothing about its possible diagnosis.

    As for the lymph vessel sweeling I really hope that goes away as that feels even more strange then the little bump. And its actually moderately painful to touch near the corona where it seems to be swollen the most.

    I guess now is the time to change something I've done my entire life as far back as I can remember. Jesus I can remember masturbating when I was 4-5 years old. People reading this can judge as they may..but I do hope this helps someone like me feel less alone with their problem.seems like I'm the only one with this bad of an addiction.

    Thanks again doctor..I am very appreciative of the time you took to respond. Says a lot about your character trying to help people online when there is no financial benefit to you for doing so.
    counterso replied to boostede36's response:
    Most GPs know about as much about your genitalia as they do about hybridizing flowers. Yes, there are a lot of nerves at the corona of your penis, so inflammation in this area tends to be more painful.

    The cyst may be re-absorbed at any time or it could last for years. The only time it should really be of much concern is if it grows larger, or it becomes at all painful. Since this appears to be just below the skin, it moves relatively freely. Not uncommon, but still not fun to think "what's this little lump?"

    You don't need to stop masturbating forever, just until your penis has healed. Then be gentle with it. Your penis was biologically designed for 2-20 minutes of activity a couple times a week. If you give it more exercise it doesn't get stronger (it's not a muscle). It just increases the likelihood that you irritate it. So, if you exceed the standard, just be kind to it. You only get one.
    seanhh responded:
    I think the aggressive rubbing during masturbation is really having an impact on your penis skin. You should try to tone it down a little. You should start using a penis health creme as well. A good creme will contain Vitamins A, D, and E, which are all great for the overall health and look of your penis skin. Look into it. Good luck.
    counterso replied to seanhh's response:
    There is no such thing as a "penis health creme."

    Skin is skin and is the same all over your body. The same things that improve skin condition work anywhere on your body. No vitamin-enhanced lotion is going to treat inflammation. Some medicated creams are not appropriate for genital use, but all skin lotions are fine, unless you are allergic.

    This question wasn't even about skin. It was about a lump.
    looking4advice replied to counterso's response:
    I have scar tissue as a result of sclerosing lymphagitis (urologist told me this). The duct dogs legs at the midshaft and as such it is only painful because the duct rubs against itself during sex or masturbation. It has been sore during sex or masturbation for a few weeks and I was told there was scaring yesterday - it has only been mild to moderate pain. For a week now I have not masturbated or had sex. I am just starting strong anti-inflamatries (prescription grade) for 3 weeks.

    As it has only been as week since it was last inflammed due to sex I know I will have to wait a while (a minimum of 3 months the Dr suggests) until I can have sex or masturbate again.

    I know scarring is permenant but I have been told scar tissue can reduce in size with time so this is what I am hoping for.

    Once the scar tissue has done all its healing i know it will be hard (I really dont mind about bumps or hardened vein like features), but is it likely to become sore after sex? (I know this is probably a case by case thing)

    If after months of waiting there is no resolution I do not want to get surgery. I guess I will have to put up with the pain.

    I appreciate all the great advice you give counterso, you appear to know alot about the condition, and I do not need a lecture, because I am certainly angry enough with myself and suffering for it now.

    I am trying to be positive about the future but also set myself up for the worst case scenario.

    If the pain is there after sex is there any target creams or painkillers that can help with the pain after sex?

    Also I fear that in a few months I will need to ejaculate to relieve stress, but I do not want to masturbate. If I was to stimulate the head of the penis without rubbing the shaft in the morning at the time of a morning erection will this set me back at all? This is not something I plan on doing anytime soon, but I fear I will need to relieve stress at some point in the coming months.
    counterso replied to looking4advice's response:
    Unfortunately any anesthetics for the injury are also going to inhibit sexual pleasure. Using an anesthetic after sex is kind of like running on a sprained ankle. It never gets better.

    The penis is a unit, so stimulating one area of the penis, however delicately you think you are touching the head, is still affecting the whole organ.

    There are some very expensive injectable drugs for breaking up scar tissue, sometimes being used for Peyronie's disease. You might ask your urologist if such a drug would improve your sclerosis.

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