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Just wait for recovery?
binsc posted:
In a vigorous coupling a month ago, my partner met me at an awkward angle and I bent back at about the top one-fifth...about where the foreskin would have originated. I heard a sound that I can't determine was the pop of a fracture or of our bodies realigning, and I had some pain but not excruciating or long lasting. There was some lingering occasional discomfort akin to burning along the urethra in the area but it subsided within a couple days and a GP exam indicated no significant damage and a prescription to wait and see.

Since then I've achieved a few reasonable erections alone and with my partner, and on occasion they've been tentative. Most recently was this weekend and one was pretty good but the next two there was another close call in the same position as the original incident. Could be I have some "stagefright" and my mind is inhibiting me. But I also seem to have a very limited but potentially disconcerting loss of sensitivity where it should be highest--on the underside right below the favorite spot and where the brunt of the impact was felt.

I have an annual physical in a month and will ask then if this persists, but I'm concerned about doing whatever I can to aid recovery of sensation and erection integrity. Is there anything to do but wait and expect that any damaged nerves/nerve endings will slowly be repaired?

Thank you.
counterso responded:
Unfortunately you may have done some real damage, and worse is that the GP has almost no knowledge from which to assess your situation. It is possible to fracture your penis, even though it has no bone or muscle, and what's urgent about your situation is that when you do have a penile injury like this, the ONLY time that anything can be done about it is right away. Days of delay or wait-and-see usually make the situation permanent and unchangeable.

You really need an immediate evaluation by a urologist. And you should NOT be having sex or masturbating in the meantime. Any injury you sustained will be made worse by continuing to use your penis for anything other than urination until it is healed.

This kind of injury can be permanent either way, and just highlights that the penis is a delicate organ and needs to be treated kindly during sex.

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