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Penis underside swelling.
Sam420 posted:

I am a 24 year old male and the past few months have been very troublesome for me.

It started with pain in the underside of my penis. Went to the urologists who put me on several different antibiotic courses over the course of 2 months but no improvement.

The area is now swollen. It is like a swollen vein running along the base of my penis (below the urethra) from the testicles to the mid shaft. I believe it is the 'corpus spongiosum' (after googling penis anatomy). Red spider veins have also started showing presence over there.

I have been studying up sclerosing lymphanngitis mostly on this site. Can this be lymph swelling? Can lymph swelling occur on the underside of the penis as well or is it only on top of the penis?

Please help as any info would be greatly appreciated. I am scared this might be something serious like cancer. I have ordered the quick penetrating cream as well and hope it can improve my condition.

Thanks for your help in advance.
counterso responded:
First, it's not penis cancer. That's a crazy conclusion to jump to.

Lymphatic swelling is centered around the channels and nodes that make up the lymph system. While they can swell significantly and cause pain, you'll be able to feel a rigid "vein" that is the lymph channel at the center of the irritated area when so. If it is confined to a channel like this, then it is likely lymph related. If it is in the soft/spongy tissue only, not caused by a lymph channel that runs through it, then it's something else.

It's always poor advice to take an antibiotic without actual proof that there is a bacterial infection. It can also dramatically weaken your immune system and cause other things to go wrong. You should always take a probiotic for a month after taking any antibiotic.

The swelling you describe could be as simple as an allergy to a fabric or a food or a detergent that cleans your clothes.

You might alternately have a fungal infection in the skin that has become irritated.

It's a challenge to guess exactly what's going on without inspecting the area, but hopefully that's what your urologist would have done for you. Did you discuss lymphangitis with the urologist as a possible cause? What did they thing was causing the irritation?

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