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Non Specific Urethritis Concerns
Tim23 posted:
I have had a urinary infection on three different occasions after straight unprotected vaginal sex in the last 2 years. Each time I am tested for chlamydia and gonorrhea and it comes back negative, each time am diagnosed with non specific urethritis. I have been recently tested at the health department for other Stds and I came back clear. The doctor always acts like it is nothing but I am very concerned...I am in a monogamous relationship and I want to have a healthy sex life with her and this is very alarming to me.

Anyone else out there having these problems and any tips on what I can do to prevent this from continuing? Any advice is welcome. Thank you.
Tim23 responded:
My family Doctor had a urine test run to detect any bacteria found so the best antibiotics can be prescribed.....the tests came back negative for any bacteria, but I still have redness and discharge a few days after sex. This has happened with 3 partners. What am I dealing with?
counterso replied to Tim23's response:
It may not be bacterial at all, especially if you were tested for them and found none. You could have a fungal infection (candida) with some dramatic symptoms, in which case both you and your partner need treatment at the same time for a week.

Regardless, no sex until the situation has been resolved. At least use a condom until it's been figured out if you can't control yourself.

It's extremely unusual for men to get UTIs, typically only one of three reasons: poor hygiene, sticking something in your urethra, and physical malformation. If these three things don't apply to you, it's completely unexpected for you to have a UTI, hence your "non-specific urethritis" diagnosis. It could even be as simple as an allergic reaction to the lubricant you're using.

Try the Vagisil for both of you (or equivalent) for a week, and see if things improve. If not, go back to the urologist.

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