Are urologists required to get tested for STDs regularly?
An_250452 posted:
Obviously urologists recommend getting regularly tested, but there are always exceptions. I know I'm being overly anxious, and that STDs usually require contact, but I can't help being concerned about being around someone who has such a high exposure to infection. It would ease my mind knowing the doctor is required by the hospital they are affiliated with to be communicable disease free.
counterso responded:
No, doctors usually are checked once per year, and that gives no indication of whether they got an infection the day after they were tested. However, if you don't think your doctor is following standard infection control practices (new gloves, wash hands, etc.), then you have a really crappy doctor who is open to a huge liability.

Infections acquired in hospitals kill a LOT of people. If you're worried about a specific visit you plan to make, watch to see the doctor wash his hands and use new gloves and not touch random things. And more importantly, tell your doctor you're worried about his infection controls.