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    Consistent itching at tip of penis. All tests negative.
    An_250668 posted:

    Sorry for the long question below but I am trying to be as detailed as possible. See below

    1. Around september the tip of my penis felt starnge as if something was there. I went to see a Urologist and he thought everything was okay. I took STD tests and PSA tests and nothing was found. He also did a scope and saw nothing. He put me on anti biotics and said I should be fine.

    2. A couple weeks later, the feeling turned into a burning/stining feeling at the tip for about a day and a half.

    3. After the day and a half, it turned into an itchy feeling. This itch has been present for about 3 months. I have seen different doctors and urologists in this time and none have been able to figure it out.

    4. In December, I got a very small bump on the shaft. It was analyzed to be a wart by a dermatologist. I ended up having about 4 more small ones on my hands.

    5. None od my doctors have though the wart was related and said it was a coincidence. No warts have been confirmed in my urethera.

    6. I have been scanned and nothing appears to be wrong other than a small calicifcation in my appendix. He ordered MRIs and did not find anything of note.

    7. I have taken these medications and lotions since this started: clotrimazole cream, doxcycline, ciprofloaxcin, fluconazole, trimethoprim, urelle, phenazopydrine, stromectol, nystatin and triancinokone acetonide cream and gabapentin.

    Plese advise me on what you think this is and what I can try to stop it. I am afraid I appear to be out of options and the problem is still present.

    As a side note, I am generally very happy in my life and not really stressed out at all. I do not think this is in my head.

    counterso responded:
    It's probably either an allergic reaction to fabric or laundry detergent. If not, then you may have a parasite from seafood. Most doctors rarely think of either of these things.

    You can probably determine if it's an allergy by changing the fabric of your underwear and using a milder laundry detergent like Downy or Arm & Hammer, plus taking some Benadryl.

    There are some parasites that you can find in even deep fried shellfish that can cause the type of reaction you're describing. Do you also have any sensitivity in your elbow crease or armpits?

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