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    Painfull burn in penis
    DonM1977 posted:
    Monday morning I woke up with pain and burning in my penis. It was a sharp pain and last most of the day. Tues morning those signs mostly went away. Today I have a slight burn/stinging at the tip area. There was also a slight discomfort in my testicles Monday. Last night before bed I had lower back pain, today my back is fine.

    I was very concerned so I made and appt to see my dr yesterday afternoon. Right away he thought it could be clamydia. I asked about the possibility of being a UTI and he dismissed that because its rare in men?

    Before leaving I gave the dr a urin sample. He told me to call him in a week for results and he also prescribed me cipro for an infection.

    Of course I'm very concerned now. I've only been with my gf and I know she hasn't been with anyone else. Is there anything this could be?
    counterso responded:
    Your doctor is right that there are only 3 reasons a man gets a UTI. 1) you stuck something in there 2) your incontinent (hygiene issue) or 3) physical abnormality (which would make it chronic). Any other occurrence is so rare as to be discounted.

    That you waited for days to see if it felt better was a bad idea. In addition to the urine sample, I hope you had an STD test. It certainly sounds like an infection.

    Any health clinic will tell you that 80% of the people who get an STD lie about their sexual activity.

    After you've completed your course of antibiotics, please take a probiotic for at least a month. No sex with gf until after your test results are back determining that it was not an STD. If it was, you have a different problem.
    DonM1977 replied to counterso's response:
    I received my urine results back today. Everything came back neg! No clamydia or gonorrhea, no uti ect...I wasn't tested for any other stds. Now what could it be?
    DonM1977 replied to counterso's response:
    My urine test came back neg. now what?
    counterso replied to DonM1977's response:
    Unknown. You may be experiencing an allergic reaction. You may have early formation of kidney stones with particles so small you can't see them, but you can feel those bits of grit and it makes your urethra burn. You may have urinary symptoms related to anxiety. You may have a small tear inside your urethra that needs a couple weeks to heal.

    Please see a urologist for further examination.

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