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    Blood in semen, please help
    An_250950 posted:
    Hello, there was blood in my semen the other day and I'm pretty alarmed. This has never happened to me before. There wasn't much, but enough to make my concerned. I don't have any stds and am a healthy 33 yr old male.

    This is the only thing I can think wife was away for a few months teaching a class overseas. During this time, I didn't masturbate at all (I don't masturbate often). Could this be the cause of this? It concerns me because I urinate frequently, but have been for many years. I've seen THREE different urologists about my urination and they all tell me there's nothing wrong with me.

    Any thoughts?
    counterso responded:
    Blood in semen is always alarming, and it should be, but it doesn't necessarily indicate a sinister source. There are many activities that can cause a minor injury resulting in such bleeding. Still, this is a literal red flag and a reason to see a urologist. Most likely, if you're lucky, it will go away quickly and you won't see it again.

    Lack of masturbation is not a cause, nor is frequent urination. What do you consider too frequent?

    As long as the blood was not profuse (more of a stain than a river), the injury was probably a burst capillary, either from holding your urine too long, or sitting on a hard object (like a bike seat), or straining too hard in exercise.

    If it is mild but happens multiple times, this may be a warning about the condition of your circulatory system. Otherwise if the urologist says there's nothing wrong with you and it's a one-time occurrence, it was probably just a minor injury. Good to be concerned, but not necessarily an emergency unless it's profuse or repeated.

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