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Potential Yeast Infection
StarFoxMo posted:
Hey guys - thanks for any help in advance.

I've got what could be called a rash on my penis (I'm 31 and circumcised). Under the fold of skin before the head on the right hand side the skin is a bit flaky and scaly - sometimes red. This started as a very small patch (maybe 1 cm square) that I noticed maybe 6 months ago. Since then it has spread to wrap half-way around in a band under that skin (still about 1cm wide, but it stretches about 5-6cm around). It also itches periodically. Not constantly - usually just in bursts of about 30 seconds at a time every now and then, but its very intense when it hits.

At first even though I've never had unprotected sex in my life, I immediately throught "STD" and went and got a full set of STD labs done. Came back clear.

I then started looking online and found some pictures of a candida yeast infection of the penis that visually are a spot-on match for what I'm experiencing. Unfortunately after using virtually every anti-fungal cream and powder I can find (butenafine hydrochloride, miconazole nitrate, clotrimazole, ticonazole) it hasn't gone away. These seem to have lessened the symptoms (as long as I'm using them the itching doesn't seem to be as frequent or severe and the affected area seems to have shrank some), but after over 6 weeks of application I still haven't returned to normal.

At this point I'm ready to see a doctor about it, but I'm not sure if a urologist or a dermatologist would be the proper choice. Any suggestions on that or my condition in general?

Thank you.
counterso responded:
You can see either type of doctor, but you shouldn't wait a day longer. Over the counter creams should only be used as directed and if not effective, not continued, because they're still strong medicines and can cause other problems by extending their use.

Yes, men can get yeast infections, even spontaneously, and they are usually a symptom of a weakened immune system. So, if you get proper treatment for this skin rash (which should have been seen by a doctor 5 months ago after your home treatment didn't work), make sure you do the work to strengthen your immune system.

At the same time, cut out all sugar, red meat, smoking, and caffeine, especially while you're treating the yeast infection. Those three things will just encourage the yeast growth.

Report back on how it goes.

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