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constant need to pee/pressure in abdomen
An_251162 posted:
I've been dealing with this problem for about the past year now. The main problem is having to pee a bunch throughout the day especially around the time of my period. At first when this started, I didn't think of it as a problem. I even mentioned it to my doctor and she said it was just "pressure" and it was normal. Well about a year later after that with it getting worse and worse each month, I'm starting to worry a lot.

I don't necessarily experience pain. It's mostly pressure in the area of my abdomen, just like the feeling of really needing to pee. But when I do use the bathroom, I don't even have to go much at all. I've read up on what it could be: bladder endometriosis, UTIs, or interstitial cystitis. But like I mentioned before, there is no burning or pain when I pee. The thing that sticks out to me is endometriosis because my sister was just diagnosed with it. But the symptoms just don't match up! This past month, the pressure I feel in my abdomen is unbearable, and is definitely unlike the pressure I've felt in previous months. In previous months when I felt the pressure when I had the urge to pee, it was mostly relieved by using the bathroom. Now, it doesn't go away at all.

Any ideas??
counterso responded:
You are not a doctor, stop trying to self-diagnose. See a urologist and/or your OB/GYN, maybe an internist There are suspicions of conditions that apply to multiple types of doctors. Do not let your doctors be dismissive.
You do not have IC or UTIs.
While you might have some kind of pelvic floor dysfunction, you are not going to be able to determine that just by evaluating symptoms. Keep in mind that many conditions may exist even without symptoms or with only a couple from a list of common symptoms, so it's not up to you to figure it out, only to pursue the answer with a professional.

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