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Urethra issue
Ronco38 posted:
I received unprotected oral 3 weeks ago. 3 days later, felt an irritation on tip of penis. Took urine tests twice that revealed no UTI or STI. I have not taken a blood test. Its not herpes because there is no physical symptoms plus I had a fever blister pop up the day before so I immediately started treatment with acyclovir then immediately started the daily valtrex does to keep my fever blisters from coming back. There seems to be some type of a burning so that plus no signs of any sort of rash seems to suggest that it is not syphillis. any thoughts?
counterso responded:
You are not qualified, home test or not, to conduct a self exam for STIs. You do not have a UTI, men don't get them except in extremely rare and specific circumstances. There are many kinds of STIs that are not detectable on a home kit.

You already have herpes, although I assume you're talking about a blister in your mouth, not on your penis. As such, you shouldn't have unprotected sex of any kind, ever, no matter whether you have an outbreak or not.

Please go to the clinic for a proper test. Follow up with a urologist if no STI is found.

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