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urine problem
skb333 posted:
[br>For about a week now I have had the constant feeling of needing to urinate. After urination the feeling returns within 5-30 minutes. The urine is normal color, although the stream seems weaker but this could be because I never allow time for my bladder to fill. Sometimes afer about a half hour, I go and urinate and a good amount comes out, like a normal urination, other times; afew drops. I guess I've always urinated alot for a guy but I am always working out and take in a huge amount of fluids throughout the day. I first noticed these symptoms about 5 days ago in the middle of the night after masturbation. Sometimes I have experienced, and have heard of other men experiencing the urge to urinate after masturbation but this feeling usually passes after about 15-20 minutes. It almost feels like there are just afew drops of urine in the middle of the shaft of my ***** that need to be cleared, but once they are, the feeling quickly returns. Although this has only been happening for less than a week, my quality of life has suffered, mainly because it is very difficult for me to sleep with this. I'm definately not OCD, but I am a worrier and I have read that things like this could be mental. If it is mental, why the sudden onset? I have yet to make a doctors appointment, but will do that tommarow as my parents are coming into town. Anyone else experiencing this? I am hesitent to attribute this to a bladder infection, but I have been noticing slight slight slight aches or pains in my abdomen area, but that could be just because of my 20 or so trips to the bathroom each day, or because I am constantly dwelling on every slight sensation I have down there. Also, I have noticed increased muscle soreness(back/legs) but this could be because of lack of sleep. Any thoughts or input would be greatly appriciated, as I am at a loss. During the day, this condition is annoying, but managable, at night is when it really bothers me. Again, thanks for the time, and any reccomendations/simular stories, thoughts would help me out alot. I have tried cranberry juice with little to no imporvement.[br>Will.
counterso responded:
Frequent urination and a sense of urgency are both serious symptoms and you need to make an appointment with a urologist. While anxiety can amplify or even cause urinary symptoms, it's important to determine that there isn't something more significant going on.

Cranberry juice has absolutely no effect on urinary symptoms and is only related to preventing e.coli bacteria from colonizing and leading to a UTI, which as a man, is an extreme rarity to begin with.

Your masturbation technique may also be too rough or last too long if you are coming up with the reported sensation afterwards. That's not normal.

Your GP will not be able to answer your questions. They have insufficient knowledge of urinary function and system to be of actual help. Please see a urologist.

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