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Swollen forskin in first 2 days.Two weeks later hard shaft
Saiman posted:
Hi guys!Thank you for reading my post.Let me tell you about my problem and if someone have an idea ,please help . Before bed I was masturbating as usual,but this time I had a little pain around the spot between the top of my penis and my body(I was looking every were for a name of that)!Of course I dissrrgard the pain and I did my thing!On the morning of the next day my penis was swollen on the right site of the fore skin and mine shaft right between my penis and my actual body was hard like a stone!I was so scared ,so I start reading and reading about it.So after 2 days my swolling went down and everything was back to normal exept the lymph right next to mine shaft was hard.When I have erection it hurts ,feels like strached ,so I gave him 2 weeks break.Today looks the same ,no swollen ,but the lymph on my fore skin at the end of my penis and begining of my belly was still hard,not as hard as it was before.My question is :How I can "help" recover from it or I have to go to doctor ,because is defenatly something is really wrong!
vikvaughn responded:
You should go to a urologist (not a general practitioner, as they don't specialize in these matters) if you think something is "really wrong", as soon as possible. Do not touch it, masterbate or have sex as it may make the problem worse. You should never disregard pain in your penis, as more damage could occur.
It could be sclerosing lymphangitis, and there is a wealth of info posted by the member "Counterso", in this forum, so you can read up on that, or it could be something else. He will give you a better reply than me.
Painful erections are never a good thing.

counterso replied to vikvaughn's response:
Thanks for jumping in Vik while I was away. Your recommendation to promptly see a urologist is good advice. We'll wait to hear if his doctor had anything helpful to say.

The fundamental message here is that if you feel pain DURING masturbation, STOP what you're doing, because it means you're hurting yourself.

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