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Anon_166768 posted:
My husband is an alcoholic.

When he has 4+ beers and falls asleep he wets the bed, floor, furniture, or wherever he fell asleep. It stresses me out. I'm always paranoid when people come over because of the smell. We have plastic on our bed to protect it more.

If he hasn't been drinking or has only had one or two, he rarely will pee, and or rare occasion if he has had 4+ beers he won't be incontinent.

We don't have insurance, but at an Al-Anon meeting, somebody said that he is having a seizure because of the alcohol and wets himself; the person who said it works in the medical field. Is this possible? Thank you.
vikvaughn responded:
I'm not a doctor/ just a layman. A very layman answer follows:

I'm sorry I won't be much help other than to say that you have already made the direct correlation between drinking beer and peeing. And obviously you guys are trying to deal with that with the AA meetings.
If you could scrape together a couple hundred bucks to see a urologist to rule out something serious, that would be safe. but who knows it may be nothing because if ANYONE at any age drinks enough they can pee the bed.
A question I have is does 4 beer mean 4-6 or can it mean 12-24.....??
Also, is drinking something that he does so he can fall asleep at night or does he also just doze off during the day and pee then too, because just making sure to stop drinking a while before bed would help too.
You sound like a good lady so sorry to not be of much help, I would search google and also maybe post this in a few more places that may garner more responses. good luck.
Anon_166768 replied to vikvaughn's response:
Thank you for your response, vikvaughn. Where else would you suggest I post it so that I could get more feedback?

It means 4-6 cans of beer. I used to count, but since I've started going to Al-Anon meetings I've tried to stop counting as part of my control issues will all of this. When we were first together, it was nothing to drink an 18-pack, but he has since cut WAAAY back on how much he consumes.

He enjoys drinking but tends to take it to far, that's why he drinks. He thinks that he can drink away his problem. If he is very stressed, he drinks more.

He doesn't drink until evening when he gets off work, and I have noticed a few times where once he would get home (already intoxicated) he wouldn't have anymore to drink then go to bed an hour or two later; he'll still pee though.

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