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Pain from inflammation in the vans deferens?
fallingapart0417 posted:

A few weeks ago I was having pain in my right testicle that would radiate downward. I went to the hospital because I had testicular torsion a few years back and was freaking out, they did an ultrasound and could not find anything wrong with the testicle. I was referred to a urologist that I met with the next day and he diagnosed me with vans deferens inflammation and gave me a prescription for 10 days of antibiotics. I finished the antibiotics yesterday but still dont feel 100% down there.
I had pain in the right side of my groin right around the same area when I had a bowel movement last night and when I ejaculate I get a funny feeling in my right testicle. my questions are 1. is it normal for the discomfort to last this long and 2. is there any way to explain the pain during bowel movements and tingling during ejaculation? Thanks
counterso responded:
Your continuing symptoms should be immediately reported to the urologist who was treating you. A single cycle of antibiotics may be insufficient, and there may be other issues that have arisen.

Additionally, your body will need help recovering from the antibiotics you took, so you should take a probiotic for at least a month now following the antibiotic treatment.

Call your urologist today and report your symptoms.

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