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Risk of urine mixing up with sperms, while peeing with erection
An_251690 posted:

I have interstitial cystitis/prostatitis. From last few months I am sometimes getting erections during night with a strong urge to pee. My therapist (PT) says its all due to pelvic dysfunction. I get up but thinking that peeing with erection will weaken the muscles, I usually wait for few mins. But holding this pressure, I also feel slight ache in pubic area. PT says that this holding of urine is not like normal hold & can lead to a retrograde action passing little urine into ejaculatory duct/seminal vesicle.

I want to know if there are chances that this way urine can get mix with sperms/semen. Since I have infection in my urine due to IC/Prostatitis, so because of this my PT is suggesting me to go for artificial insemination if we want to plan the child.
I have also read that in IC/Prostatitis there is microbial imbalance which can get passed to spouse an fetus. If someone can confirm this too, I would really appreciate

counterso responded:
Almost no men get IC, so let's drop that syndrome and deal with the individual symptoms, which is a much better approach. Prostatitis I would believe, as well as pelvic floor dysfunction.

Your PT is NOT qualified to give any advice on fertility issues.

If you get frequent UTIs, this is a different issue. Hopefully your PT is doing a good job helping you correct the pelvic floor dysfunction, which I suspect is the majority of the issue.

There's no reason you should worry in advance about fertility until you actually have a semen analysis to determine whether you have any fertility issues.

If you're taking any antibiotics, you will not be able to conceive, period.

These are issues to discuss with your urologist. Take them one step at a time. Learn what the situation actually is, then handle one at a time.

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