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turp retrograde ejaculation(i.e.permanent dry orgasm), sugery, implants, genetic treatment, etc to reverse
treadwellfra posted:
preface: to exhausted and depressed to use medical terms exclusively.
I am 57 year old male. Last year in January of 2012, I was suffering from my bladder not emptying fully. I could not sleep for more than an hour before waking up with a deep numb pain in my lower abdomen. It took two months for my pcp(family doctor)to figure out I needed a sonogram after many other tests. I then had to wait another month to see a urologist. I had a cystoscopy(?)done. In so many words he said my bladder was "shot". And he said that after having to wait so long did more damage and stretched my bladder. At first I was on a permanent catheter and urine bag. Then I was allowed to intermittent catheter.

Even though this was much better than having a tube up my phallus constantly and could still have sex AND EJACULATE, it seemed i had irritation all the time in my phallus(penis). I felt desperate and called an out of town University Hospital's urology department. They asked which doctor I wanted to be seen by. However my desperation overtook me and I said please give me the soonest available appointment with any urologist. note: don't do this, you will probably get a doctor who is not getting that much "business" and that could be he/she is not competent.

In a week I was seen. I saw a young doctor who barely gave me the time of day. And he was very irritable, overachieving and just really nasty. However again my anxiety and suffering overcame me and when he suggested a turp procedure i jumped at it. He told me nothing about any termporary or permanent pros and cons. He said he was confident that my problem would be cured or alleviated by the turp. Most of all, HE NEVER TOLD ME ABOUT PERMANENT RETROGRADE EJACULATION PRIOR. After the treatment I was urinating like a donkey for the summer of 2012. However in four weeks after surgery my first sex since prior to the turp, My orgasm since and to this day is not only dry but feels like nothing, just going through the motions.

I am so tense now, i feel like hell. My dry orgasms give me no relief from sexual tension. I don't even want to hear the word sex. But I still am not internally sterile so sooner or later you need some sexual relief. But I won't even make love to my left or right hand. Quite frankly, I don't want to live anymore.

A doctor replied on another website said there are reconstructive surgeries. However I doubt these are available but only to those who are wealthy and are probably inconsistent.

What ever happened to the Hippocratic Oath "first do no harm". And anyway I have to self catheter again. My current urologist says I probably never had an enlarged prostate to begin with and that turp destroys that part of the anatomy that allows semen to come out of your penis instead of now going into your bladder.

please help!

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65 years young and just trying to do the right thing. At my age I just can't afford any mistakes.

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