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Pain at the head of my penis when urinating after ejaculating
xyzniloc posted:
So last night after sex with my wife, I went to the bathroom and peed. It felt ok, but right at the end I had that little extra to squeeze out, and when I did, I experienced a sharp pain right at the head of my penis. The pain subsided fairly quickly. There was no discharge, but a tiny amount of clear liquid, I'm guessing just a little drop of urine, perhaps mixed with the semen?

I was fairly dehydrated, my urine was pretty dark in color, and I know I hadn't drunk much water all day. Afterwards I drank a lot of water. This morning when I urinated I was nervous, but did not experience the same pain.

Disclosure: I had a affair recently, but the other woman was married and hadn't been sleeping around, I feel confident that she was "safe". My wife is aware of all this, and didn't ask me to get tested. I'm not here to be judged on this, but thought I should give all the information.
Seems unlikely to me that his is an STD, but there you go.

Should I just hydrate and drink cranberry juice and see what happens?
counterso responded:
Cranberry juice isn't going to do anything for you. The whole purpose of cranberry juice is to reduce the risk of recurrent UTIs. It can't do anything AFTER an infection occurs, and men don't get UTIs except in three very rare circumstances.

Yes, you need to be drinking more water every day.

The pain was probably not actually coming from your penis, but that's where you felt it. More likely it was a sensation that started somewhere much further back in your urethra, perhaps a tiny tear, or during sex you may have stretched some soft tissue attachment too far and by bearing down you caused a sharp pain that you felt in your penis.

If it was one time, it's probably nothing to worry about.

You can NEVER assume a sexual partner is "safe" unless you were there to see the results of an STD screening in person. Anything other than that is an 80% risk of infection. All clinicians will tell you that 80% of people who get screened for STDs lie about their test results. There are also plenty of STDs that are asymptomatic which you can get without any hint that they're there. Every time you do something risky like that you need to get tested, or you're just passing the risk along to your next partner.
xyzniloc replied to counterso's response:
Yep it was nothing to worry about. I went to my doc got examined and tested. No STDs or UTIs. I was dehydrated and over caffienated. No further issues.

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