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On Again Off of gain groin area pain
An_252144 posted:
34 YO male. in 2007 I experienced severe pain in my testicles. One in particular swelled, went to multiple doctors took antibiotics. It went away in about three months. In 2010 it came back only worse. Again, went to multiple doctors, multiple tests. At the end Urologist #2 shruged and said I don't know. Neurologist #2 ordered more tests. I gave up and ended up trying acupuncture, it helped, some. About 10 months later the pain eased. and w/n a year it went away. Every now and then I have flare ups, and it really scares me because no one can tell me what is going on. Last we week I laid down and when I tried to sit up my left testicle hurt as if it was being smashed. I investigated and learned it wasn't the testicle, but behind it and up. I could press it and duplicate the pain. It lasted a few minutes but then wen away. Any ideas?
vikvaughn responded:
If you have went to multiple doc's and they can't help, and you can press into muscle and cause the pain your experiencing, then there is a very good chance that this testicle pain could be caused by "myofascial trigger points". They are known to cause testicle pain, many men have experienced this. THey can cause many other horrible pelvic pains (called Chronic Pelvic pain syndrome), and general pain throughout the body. Your best bet is to google that term and learn about it. pick up the book "Headache in the Pelvis" by Dr. David Wise, which will teach you how to treat it yourself, which takes a lot of practice and time. But if this is your only symptom it may be a sinch.
Also, I would check out the forum at:

to see all the possible treatment options available to you. It costs $20 bucks to get access to the forum but its will be well worth it to you.
counterso replied to vikvaughn's response:
Vik, I was about to recommend the same book. A pelvic floor disorder is usually treated with a specialist physical therapist.

Pain in the testicles is considered an emergency, but you went to the urologist and they didn't find anything sinister, so hopefully you can find some useful info in the book we both recommended.

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