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My left testicle seems to be backwards compared to my right and it also hangs lower
An_252196 posted:
My left testicle seems to be backwards compared to my right and it also hangs lower. Theres no pain but i fear there will be. I need to know if I'm just freakin out for no reason or is there something wrong. I sat in the tub for 20 minutes with no pain so far. Please help asap I'm freaking out bad.... If its relevant I'm 18 going on 19 and the last time I had sex was earlier today. I'm kind of embarrassed about this but the e.r and doctors out here where I live don't really do anything unless someones in crying pain. PLEASE HELP!!
counterso responded:
Well, your regular doctor isn't going to be of any help on this. You would need to see a urologist. And yes, it's possible that your testicle is backwards, which can be a problem if torsion cuts off blood flow. It could also be the beginning of a varicocele which is swollen veins that could hang far forward in your scrotum making it feel like the structure is not oriented normally. When you notice a change like this, it's good to address it early to identify what's going on. Yes, seeing a urologist feels embarrassing to many people the first time, but you only get one set of genitals, so you have to take care of them. It shouldn't have anything to do with when you had sex. And you shouldn't expect any treatment if you're not experiencing pain. But it's best to know what's actually going on before it could become a problem.
counterso replied to counterso's response:
Oh, and you're always going to have one testicle hanging lower than the other. This is how they stay out of the way when they get compressed. By being non-parallel, they will slide away instead of being mashed together.

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