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Penis Pain, Not an STD or UTI, possibly yeast?
nickbusc posted:
I have been having this pain at the tip of my penis (inside) the end of my urethra for 4 months now. it was thought to be an std or uti, but i got tested for everything under then sun no std no cultures grew from urine, i did have protein in my urine and leukocytes, and got put on antibiotics for the possible uti, and no luck. 4 months ago this was accompanied by skin itching under armpits scalp and penis, pain in my mid-upper right side, major fatigue, Headache, food sensitivity, major anxiety and mood swings, stomach trouble. i was then put on diflucan single dose and the the symptoms left completely for about a week then came back full fledge. about two months ago i was advised to take diflucan twice 3 days apart. which only seemed to make things worse, now another two months later, urine tested again, still protein, no leukocytes this time. i am being recomended to use clatrimazole cream topically, and take a 1 week course of diflucan, (which i am reluctant to do a week on diflucan from all the bad things ive heard about it doing to your liver) also recently i TMI i know... took a flashlight and looked inside my meatus (pee hole) and saw the skin on the inside was turning a white color about 1 cm down inside from the opening. it wasnt discharge, just the skin itself on the inside was turning white like a Canker Sore. I am scheduled to see a urologist next week, but the pain is making it hard for me to work, its a sharp stinging pain at the tip of my penis that is worse after peeing or ejaculation. any advice in the mean time before i go to the Urologist would be great. also kinda scared once i go there that they are going to want to stick a camera up there (Owch)
counterso responded:
It does not sound like a yeast infection as much as it sounds like a parasite or allergy. When you have skin sensitivity on tender areas like your inside elbow, armpit, groin, and tip of penis, this is often an allergic reaction. The allergy can be to food, laundry detergent, or something else, even the toxins from a parasitic infection. It's too bad you've let this go on for so long without more investigation. Make sure you have these possibilities checked promptly.
notsosureanymore responded:
Hi Nick, I'd really appreciate it if you could get in touch, I have theses symptoms down to a t and cant find the cause.

Have you found a solution? really suffering here! Thanks
counterso replied to notsosureanymore's response:
Notsosure, you need to see a doctor. The guessing game is not a good way to resolve it.

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