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vibration-like feeling in penis shaft. why?
guestvisitor1 posted:
am 36, and enjoy porn frequently as i have been doing since i was 12. all of a sudden for the past week (i do not have sex with others so STD is not a question here), my penis shaft has been experiencing a sensation akin to one where you put a vibrator against your muscle or skin and your skin or muscle gives off a sensation.

i have no pain when i go to the bathroom or ejaculate and i have no discharge. i don't think this can be urethritis. i am also not taking any vitamins of any kind, nor any medication. nothing has changed in my diet.

does anyone know why this is happening? i do not have medical insurance so i cannot go to the doctor. i am hoping to see if i can do something on my own (not really like i have a choice).
counterso responded:
The buzzing sensation is an overstimulated set of nerves. This could be triggered by any number of things from riding a bicycle, sitting too much, or masturbating too hard. You should make an appointment with a neurologist to determine the source of the nerve over-action, and in the meantime, do not masturbate.

It does not matter whether you have insurance or not. These things need to be addressed right away before they become serious or permanent. Often with nerve issues the earlier they receive attention, the more likely recovery will occur. Delay can result in unrecoverable situations.
guestvisitor1 replied to counterso's response:
thank you for the quick response

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